Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Part One;; "Revealed Truth, Exposed Faces, Burned Masks"

As the new semester started, new dreams were set to be followed as planed except for mine, when everyone went back to school, I stayed at home. My siblings started their study, Malak "20 years old" ACK (Australian College of Kuwait), 3zooz "19 years old" Ta6be8i, Shoug "18 years old" Koleyat el3eLom, Mom A.K.A Mama Muneera is a Science teacher. So that gang yg3edon mn 9uba7 allah 5aiir 3shan yla7gon 3la eldwam, Malak tla7eg 3la elgaz l2na dwamha 3a9er.

When I wake up early, The house is for me and I'm home alone, so I don't wake up early very often its not worth it unless I'm going out, and I have a bad habit of staying up late, I usually wake up at none 1pm.
I wash my face and brush my teeth, have breakfast or lunch if it was something delicious and sometimes both, and then I go to our 9allah where I placed my LabLob (Laptop) I just love that badleya its so cute, and I placed there cause its far from the mess of my room.

This day was one of those days when I did wake up early, I got up @ 7;45 to be precise, I called Rawan My friend cause she asked me to,

"9ba7 il5aiir 7ubii" she said as soon as she picked it up, and I was surprised of how fast she managed to answer and how the words came out easily while I managed to reply slowly and not clear words

I said "9ba7 il5aiir 7bebti" and I yawned "shall we get ready now?" I continued

she said "yeah, I'll call you when I'm on my way to you"

I said "oki, Cya"

Then I had some trouble getting up this early specially as I slept very late elfayer, I stayed on bed for a while then I decided to jump out of it cause I thought she might got up and soon she would be in her way while I did not get ready yet. I took 20 minutes in the bathroom brushing my teeth my face and doing some nature work, went back to my room opened my closet and got out what I decided in bed to wear then Rawan called again

she said " hey, You ready?"

I panicked for few seconds cause I thought she got here when I was so not ready,

I said "yes, 10 minutes, just lemme wear my shoes and come out"

she said " you actually got up"

I said "You didn't?"

she said "nope, I'm too lazy =P"

I said in relieved voice "oh, me too hehe, I just jumped from bed and thought you are outside already thats why I said I am ready"

we laughed then ended the call and went to actually getting ready.

We went out, got to the saloon as I wanted, and she drove a lot across the bay, and when it was time to go home we went to McDonalds to get something to eat before going back home.
I got home, changed, ate and then slept for few hours.
I woke up @ 5;00pm and my sisters were talking about going out with my cousin Rataj and My other cousin wife Ranya so I got up, got ready and we left @ 6;00pm and went to marina mall had a Pinkberry then went to the scientific center had a burger king dinner then went back home @ 10;00pm.

After changing my clothes and getting to my lablob, I usually just sign in and cause people either to bored of me to talk or just busy so no one talk, until this afternoon when I decided to surrender to sleep due to obvious deadly tiredness, I don't usually get an afternoon nap, anyways a guy I had in my msn contacts decided to give me a time of his day when I had my msn sat on away.

He said; " msa2 el5aiir"

and he did not receive any reply from me but when I got back online and saw the message I was kinda surprised and because I'm such a sweetheart I apologized for being away, I replied when it was 11;08 thats when I re-appeared online while he sent his message something at the afternoon,

I said; "msa2 ilnoor,, sorry kent nayma el3a9r =p"

Before I go further away with the story let me tell you about the anonymous guy and he we met, we've met in a kinda of weird way 1 - 2 years ago I was signed in my msn and I got an add request in my email and I don't know who's that I got furious cause that was not the first time it happen to me and I decided to accept and he was such a gentleman and had a respectful attitude so I told him I was amazed about that and that I would keep him cause of that plus he is older than me in few years but a lot wiser so that might help me.
But after that we did not talk much unless I have a comment on his topic of the day. His name is Yousef.

Back to our conversation, I continued when I saw him re-sign in

I said; "welcome back" and no reply

I said; "hiiz"

He said; " welcome"

I said; "thnxx" *the following message could not be delivered, and I had a connection problem for a while.

I said; "baxx"

he said; "3sa ma shar"

I said; "wireless ma adri shfe yaf9el w yshbek"

he said; "ymkn y'3ar meni"

I said; "lool"

he said; "al7en rekad?"

I said; "I think .. 7ddii day5a .. w fenni noom"

he said; "lesh mn metta ga3da?"

I said; " nemt 4 or 5am elfayer oo g3dt 8am oo 6la3t b3den radet nemt @ 1pm b3den g3dt 5pm oo 6la3t @ 6pm oo twni radet elbaiit t3bana"

he said; "mashaalla =p"

and we talked for a little while explaining to him what I have done of activities this day, and I enjoyed talking to him, he got to know me a little better, I was talking a lot when he was talking too little.

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