Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Part Six;; Those Sweet Words

No worries no one died, but Jood fell asleep bel 9allah while she is mjabla the msn, Yousef was calling for her but she did not reply.
She woke up @ 5;00am and realized shes sleeping uncomfortably so she locked her msn and went to bed.
@ noon time she woke up 1;30, Jood got up and freshed up then talked to mom,

''mama, elyom 3gob elmamsha bro7 m3a Danosh avenues, oki?'' I said

''la2, Danosh e6awel, ma lah da3ey tredon mt2a5er la tro7en'' she said

''Oki'' I said

''b3den '3ayray ur style tara 9ayra 9abyak, kela blousat oo jeans'' she said

''okiiiiiii'' I said and a million question mark was on my head

I went to my lablob, I saw some last night msgs as I was listening to music on my iTunes, I was listening to Katy Perry - Teenage Dream it was a nice song although I'm so found by Katy Perry, The msgs were from Yousef and I felt my heart skipped beats while I was reading the msgs as it hurt me to ignore him but it wasn't my choice to leave him out, he said


''Jood, you there?''

''ya bnaya wench e5tefatay?''

''3la el3mom ana ast2then bro7 anam, akalmch bcher''


so I sent him an offline msgs replying to his,

''hey, I'm sorry nemt ams faj2a, bel 9allah, kent 7addi t3bana w nemt w ana ma adri 3n ro7i, w gomt elfayer re7t nemt fe frashy, w twni ashof enk mkalemni''

I kept chatting in my bbm for a while with my friend 3bood who currently live in stupid Australia as me and Rawan call it that cause we miss him so much he is such a nerd, a geek but fun to hang out with, you can latterly forget about the world with him, he talks so much about everything he can explain anything you want and whenever I'm down I talk with him and I feel better not because I told him what was bothering me and I let it out, I don't even tell him he just start talking about anything you want in the world or whats in his mind.

Anyways he was complaining about lots of stuff in Australia first it was food,

''hey, is shark meat 7alal to eat?'' he asked, and look who he is asking

''by the way they have a restaurant here which serves this delicious meal, its contain fish and fries, and the fish is shark meat'' he said

''so do you know if its 7alal or not?'' he continued, like seriously me?

''yea it is 7alal, I think cause its fish, is it really delicious?'' I said, clueless much?

''yea its awesome you should try it,'' he said

''you sure its 7alal?, I mean its shark'' he continued

''seriously? I dunno, but I guess it is wait I'll ask'' I said

and he sent a broadcast msg about shark meat is it 7alal or not and I guess the majority agreed with my stupid answer

I then asked my cousin Rataj who was online about it, and she said no its 7ram, so I went back to 3bood and told him what I found out,

''3boooooooooooooodd!!!!!!!, its 7raaaaamm =O'' I said

''oh, lesh?? sh9ar tawech tgolen 7alal?'' he said

''3bood look who you were asking first =p, second I asked my cousin she said its 7ram and shes positive'' I said

''uhh, no but its yummy why can't it be 7alal, says who its not 7alal, since when?'' he said
I wonder does he really care if its 7alal or 7ram or does he just want it anyways

''bs its oki when you ate it you did not know about it if its 7alal or 7ram so its no biggy'' I said

''yea bs now I can't eat it anymore'' he said

''its oki, you can eat other stuff =p'' I said

''6la3 akel sharks (6)'' he said

''hehe, you monster'' I said

''there is a russian gurl today in my class gave me her BB and asked me to add myself'' he said

''and?'' I asked excited cause he is shy with the girls and can't get over the past

''and what?'' he said

''you don't wanna talk to her?'' I said

''no why should I talk to her?'' he said, uh, dumb 3bood

''she asked you to, be friends why not? =p'' I said

''I dunno, I don't talk to her'' he said

''why?'' I asked

''I'm shy with the girls I don't know from before'' he said

''you are not social'' I said

''not with girls, or anyone easily'' he said

''oki just try to do it with her as a test'' I said

''I tried to talk with girls in the net'' he said

''not bel net, you are in Australia, internet there is for losers'' I said

''I'm formal and I need specific type of girls and wait until I get my good body back'' he said

''lool shako'' I said

''so I can have a green light =p'' he said

''you should trust yourself'' I said, cause seriously he is good not bad at all

''abbi w7da m3ay fe el-Uni, abbi someone smart and talk deep in science as me'' he said

''yea nerdie girl'' I said

''girls in uni don't talk to me but when I talk to them they say wow you r nice'' he said

''lool so talk dammit =@'' I said

''naah =@'' he said

''kefk=p'' I said

I bother myself too much with 3bood I seriously feel like I'm pushing so much and he ask for my advice but never do anything with it what a moody nerd

Mom slept and Lulu called she said

''get ready I'll be on my way in minutes'' she said

''oki, enshalla c u'' I said

''bye'' she said

I got up went to my room opened my closet I seriously I did not know what to wear,
I thought first I should wear my stripes blouse and a sweat pants then I changed I wanted to wear something else as that looked a little fancy for just walking, then I changed to wear my white deer&dear shirt with a red sweat pants, but I finally decided on the gray sweat pants and the purple 8ame9 as I was in the mood to wear a 8ame9 with the sleeves lifted up,
soon as I just finished lulu was at the door so I hurried to wear my shoes and got out

We went to our usual spot and started walking, and in the way to elmarkaz el3elmy we saw lots of people there it was crowded today cause its Friday and there was a lot of foreigns

we made the walk until the end of elmarkaz el3elmy then went back to where we started, got in our car then left. we had dinner from mc and she dropped me back home I was exhausted, and felt dirty, had a shower then dried myself up.

When I got home it was already 9;00pm, when I was done showering and stuff it was 10;00pm,
I signed and Yousef was online as usual cause he sign in 4;15pm when he get back from work talk for a while then goes to sleep then he come back online @ 10;00pm when he had just woke up, but its Friday so he must been online for a while,

''msa2 el5air'' he said

''msa2 elnoor'' I said

''shlonch?'' he said

''tmam, elyom 7addddddddyyyy sa3eeda'' I said

''9ej? 3sa doom, shely mwansech?'' he said

''I woke up singing, then I took pix of ma self ;D'' I said

''lool 9art nafsetch a7san y3ni?'' he said

''ee el7emdlelah oo kalet 3 marat'' I said

''lol mafjo3a'' he said

''hani w 3afya'' he continued

''lol y3afeek'' I said

''omi tgool stylech 9abyak =p, ma adri lesh ;/'' I said ''ana ma 3ndi style mo3yan oo wayyed a'3ayer'' I continued

''stylech bel lebs?'' he asked

''yes'' I said

''lesh shno talbesen'' he asked

''3la 7sab, nafanef or trainings etha mali 5elg oo s3at leggings oo 8om9an'' I said

''7elow'' he said

''eeeee, omi shakelha tabeni a9eer fa93a =p'' I said

''uff, lesh shtabech talbesen?'' he said

''ma adri ma galt ley, m3a ena style el9abyak elmfroth y3jebha, l2nha tabeni msatera'' I said

''wallah style elboys 9ar fe fe9a3a w tfe9e5 akther mn elbnat'' he said

''ee lol, ana a7b el-tshirt w eltraining arya7 shay'' I said

''lol, ma t7eben elshbab b3d 9a7?'' he said

''ha? ma fehamt =p'' I said, I was seriously not getting wat he just said

''lol 3yartech'' he said, when I really did not get what he said

''wallah ma fehamt, este3aby ba6ee2, lol'' I said

''enta tgolen t7eben talbesen elt-shirt w eltraining gelt ma t7eben elshbab b3d'' he said

''loool la2 =O'' I said

''lol at'3ashmer baba'' he said

''a7essek 3emla8, chum 6olek? =p'' I said breaking the silence

''la wen ana th3yfon, 6oley 170 oo wazney 60, ,u 7elow 9a7?'' he said

''lol ma adri bs enta a6wal mni'' I said

''elbnat y7ebon elrayal elmatros'' he said

''ana a7es elrayal el3a9agel mu rayal 9ra7a'' I said, can u be more honest =P

''adri fekom t7ebon el3thalat'' he said

''lool, taby t5tere3'' I said

''ee abbi a5tre3'' he said

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