Monday, 15 November 2010

Part Nine;; il.Msafr Ra7

''hala shba'3et tgool?'' I said

''deeri balech 3la nafsech fe nas ehny tan6erch, w deer balech 3la omich, w allah ygawemha bel salama, la t7aten wayyed w eklay 3adel'' he said

''enshalla ;$$'' I said ''w enta b3d deer balek 3la ro7k w I will be in touch inshalla'' I continued

''enshalla ya b3d 3omri'' he said ''ana asta2then al7en bro7 anam shway ashofech 3la 5aiir'' he continued

Things happened fast, everything was set, we spelled our goodbyes, I went out with my friends as a final goodbye

The first hang out was with family we went to Fridays as that my favorite place to dine in.
The second hand out was with Rawan and her cousin and their friends and we went to her cousin place as it close to ours.
The Third hang out was with college friends Lulu and others
The Forth hang out was with Evoo, her sis and Noora my friend as they all know each other

We got in our flight and we got to US in 20 hours trip, we stopped in Britain and then got to the next flight which went straight to our destination in the US.

As we landed there we got to our reserved hotel room for me, mom and uncle Faisal who've been a great help and came with us by paying his own ticket and will stay for a while then leave to Kuwait after making sure that everything is good and we're fine he did not bring his daughter Rataj with him as he know it would be hard for her to leave back again with him when he really want me to take responsibilities on my own, and told her she can visit later enshalla.

We slept although it was morning time mom was taken to the hospital immediately to start her treatment I stayed the first day at the hotel to sleep and take same rest then to unpack.

@ 4;00pm

''Jood bnayti lel7en ma g3dtaii? wrana she'3l, yalla gomaii'' uncle said

''enshalla 5aley kaney al7en agoom'' I said

I woke up went to the bathroom washed my face, then got back to my room open my bag and changed what I was wearing to something more comfy and I was unpacking I heard a knock in the door I opened and it was uncle Faisal,

''3afya 3la elsha6ra g3da t3adlen'' he said

''hehe ee'' I said

''ana yebtlch 5a6 american 3shan testa5demena, w sharet ley wa7d 3shan ndg 3la elkuwait w n6amenhom'' he said

''mashkoor 5aley, ma tga9er'' I said

''el3afo walaw'' he said

''abbi asha'3el 5edmat elbbm 3leeh shloon?'' I said

''walah ma a3ref benti degay 3lehom se2lehom'' he said

''ee enshalla, metta bnro7 elmostashfa?'' I said

''entai 5la9ay w tzahebay w namshey enshalla'' he said

''enshalla 3n ethnek ana 5al akamel arateb, asa3dek 5aley?'' I said

''la2 ma y7tay mashkora ana ma 3ndy shay oo mu tharoori a6ale3hom mn eljan6a kelaha chum yoom oo bared eldera'' he said

I felt a thrill and fear of being all alone in a foreign country,

I went back to my room and continued unpacking when I finished I had a shower then dried up and changed to a Burberry black dress and my black cross purse, got my hair on a ponytail and went to to my uncle we got out of the hotel and got in a taxi it took us to the hospital were mom was in her bed looked very tired,
I sat next her bed started reading Quran and my tears filled my eyes, the doctor told my uncle that they just had (CT) Computed Tomography scan and an (MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging for mom to diagnose the type of stroke she has, and they had exposed the exact place of the place but they need further tests to find the amount of the brain damage.

I was hearing them talk and each word the doctor spelled was like a hammer on my heart, I could not hear anything no more so I re-focused on the Quran.

''Jood, ma tabeen taklen shay? tara wayhech 7adda a9far ma y9eer etha ma klatay bysde7onch yam omch'' uncle asked

I did not feel hungry at all and apparently I was losing a lot a weight

''yes I need to eat something, nro7 elcafteria?'' I asked

''ee yalla ana yw3an'' he said and giggled

we asked where the cafteria is and got there ate a snack and then we had a walk in the hospital, we talked about everything,

''entaii kentaii teshta'3len Jood 9a7?'' he said

''ee fe el- NBK, bs ste8alt l2na dwmna karf'' I said

''ee dala3 banat'' he said and giggled

I laughed ''la2 ana sha6ra bs t3ab oo omi ma tabeni adawem mt2a5er wla a6awel w ared elbait mshgooga ne9en mn elt3ab'' I said

''enzain shno tsawen ma 8damtai mukan?'' he asked

''mballa 8damt 3la eldewan w an6er el8obol'' I said

''shlon 8damtay re7tay lehom wla bel net?'' he said

''la2 sajalt esmy w ra8mi elmdaney bel net, oo 3a6ony mw3ed ena ayelhom m3a awragey w re7t lehom 3a6et'hom awragy'' I said

''aha 7elow w al7en shlon t3rfen etha 6la3 esmch bs bel jareda?'' he said

''la2 ohma ma36eny ra8m tarteby w esmy ra7 y6la3 bel jareda w ydezon ley msg oo fe elmw8e3 y6la3 b3d'' I said

''niice sh'3elhom tmam'' he said

''ee bs 6awelaw bardeeenn'' I said

''allah kareem'' he said ''ana bro7 elsuper market ashtery swalef taben tyen m3ay wla tg3den wla treden elfende8?'' he continued

''la 5al ayee m3ak ymkn a'3ayer jaw shwaya'' I said

''ee zain yallah'' he said

we got out of the hospital got in a taxi and went to one of their awesome huge nearest super market in the area.

we entered each went in a way, I went looking at the delicious stuff they got and then went to the clothing area where I found comfy wearings to go out or just to stay at home as PJs and other things.

I then approached the cashier to ask about the company that my cell line work for and how can I contact them and have my bbm back to life, she helped me calling them and I followed the steps they asked me to do, few minutes and I was back to contact my friends on bbm and msn.

I changed my status to USA Baby;* hehe, although I was there for mom but I can't deny that I'm happy in this place its so bright and freedom is very where, as I was bbming and walking in the big super market I bumped into a guy, I raised my head to see,

''oh sorry'' I said took a glance and looked back down to pick the guy stuff when I heard

''Jood?'' he said

I froze latterly I felt very scared, the voice was kinda familiar though but could not attach it to anybody I know

''Jood is that you?'' he said again

''yes'' I said in a shaky voice and looked up, with I'm trying to figure who you are look

It was 6alal, my best friend in college, but we lost touch when he decided to travel to the US continue his further study and I don't know why he did not try to contact me,

''ma 3rafteny?'' he said

''6alool? OMG! am I dreaming?'' I said

''lol no hows you? its so good to see you'' he said and he hugged me so tight I could smell him and he smiled so good

''I'm good, hows you? how have you been yal ga6e3?'' I said and gave him a look

''wallah '3a9ban 3lay w 7awalt a36ech 5bar wla contact you bs as you know I'm not a msn guy'' he said and thats so right

''w I bought new phone with new line from here as I did not get my phone mn elq8 so ma 3ndy anybody number except for family'' he said

''oh oki, so how is life here? how is your studies?'' I said as we started walking in the super market together

''wallah wanasa w elderasa zaina bs thegat 5elg shway cuz I miss life back in Kuwait even though there is almost no life at all there but you people all live there'' he said and giggled

''hehe, yea I know exactly how you feel'' I said

''so you here in a vacation?'' he said

''no, mom b3eed elshar 3nk she had a stroke and I'm a murafe8 with her and uncle Faisal came along to help me survive'' I said

''oh I'm so sorry, wallah ma tshof shar w tgoom bel salama enshalla'' he said

''allah ysalmek, and its oki enshalla she will recover soon'' I said and smiled

my phone rang it was uncle calling,

''hala 5aly,'' I said

''wench e5tefaty? 5la9tay wla b3d?'' he said

''ana mwjooda leget a friend of mine here so g3da asalem 3leeh al7een a7aseb oo ayee'' I said

''oki, I'll go get a taxi ready 3la ma t5al9en'' he said

''oki bye'' I said

''so you are leaving now?'' 6alool said

''yea I have to t2a5art 3la 5aly maskeen'' I said and giggled

''too bad ma sheb3na mench'' he said

''hehe 7tta ana ma sheba3t menk, and hope to see you again soon enshalla'' I said

''enshalla, lemme give you my bbpin'' he said and I added him

''cool'' I said ''so I guess I'll be seeing a lot of you'' I said

''ee enshalla oo I'll visit your mom enshalla'' he said

''oki thnxx yalla bye'' I said and left

It was very nice to see 6alool he is the best I like him so much my best friend ever been there for me through a lot and I've been there too, this is gonna be exciting after all hehe.

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