Monday, 8 November 2010

Part Four;; Who Said We Are Stronger Than Nature? Uh, Weakness!

Hey everybody,,

I just want to apologize about this part cause its shorter than the others as Joodie seemed to be sick,

Wednesday dawn, I was sleeping deeply and dreaming about something interesting when suddenly I opened my eyes like I'm scared of something when I was not. It was 5;30am as I checked my phone to see why I woke up this early, a sneaky pain was crawling in my stomach it was hurtful, I got up and went to the bathroom and got everything I had in out, Tena heard me so she came with glass of water,

''Here Jood, drink water'' She said

''no, I don't wanna throw up'' I said, and I dunno why but she giggled when I felt it wasn't funny

I went back to bed tried to fall back to sleep and shaking of coldness in my warm body.
I woke up again @ 12;00 noon, felt so empty but so lay3a chabdey did not feel hungry at all,
I lay on the living room couch so weak, so feeling cold and sick, the headache and the stomach ache loved to stick around.

@ 2;00pm Yousef signed in, and as always I was online so I talked to him,

''ana maretha'' I said

''afa, 3sa ma shar?'' he said, concern

''elshar ma eyeek'' I said ''I woke up @ 5;00 elfayer rassi yftar w chabdey tagleb, re7t tekram el7mam oo I throw up, y3awer ='('' I continued I said being daloo3a =P (I did not even tell mom)

''Jesmi 7ar w kela bardana'' I added, ya 7yati ana =P

''salamat'' he said, I think he sensed the dala3 part =p

''ysalmek'' I said

'' fech nashllah w ka7a wla bs msa5na?" he asked

''la2, el7emdlelah mako nashllah' I said

''el7emdlelah'' he said ''hatha shaklah virus fe eljaw 7tta refeji fe nfs elshay'' he continued

''ee ma a7b elvirusat'' I said still being daloo3a

''ma re7taay el6abeeb?'' he said, did not seem like he was concern about the dala3 part or decided to ignore it

''la2'' I said

''lazzem t8awen mna3tech'' he said

''ee'' I said

"ro7ay el6abeeb oo la7gay 3omrech'' he said, did he care finally? I dunno

''b3d shway mali 5elg al7en'' I said ''t3bana'' I continued

''ma tshofen shar (F)'' he said, he finally got under the spell

''elshar ma eyeek;$$'' I said

''5athatai panadol?'' he said

''la2, a5eth?'' I said, dala3 again =P

''ee 3shan tanzel el7rara'' he said

''oki'' I said

''3fya'' he said

''(a)'' I said

We then talked about celebrities and diseases, seriously I did not care about the topic we talk about as long as we talking.

I talked to Lulu after Yousef excused himself to take a nap,

''hey, Lulu'' I said

''hey, Jood, shfech? 9otch t3ban'' Lulu said

''ee t3bana shway maretha'' I said

''weeii ma tshofen shar, taben awadech el6abeeb?'' she asked

''la 7bebty I just call to tell you I can't come with you elyom sorry'' I said

''no its oki shda3wa'' Lulu said

''oki c u inshalla soon'' I said

''enshalla tgomen bel salama'' Lulu said

''allah ysalmech bye'' I said

''bye'' Lulu said

I slept for an hour or so, then woke up on my mom voice, she was talking to 3zooz about going to elmostashfa so I got up to talk to her,

''mama, I'm not feeling well, ba6ney y3awerny'' I said

''smeella 3leech, taben awadech elmostashfa, al7en bwadi 3zooz'' she said

''la2 enshalla its not that serious, bs brta7 shway if I felt like I'm not getting any better nro7'' I said

''oki 7bebty e5thay panadol oo namay or just ensad7ay'' mom said

''enshalla mama,'' I said

I took a panadol and went to el9allah w enseda7t, I was watching T.V. and was online, until it was 10;00pm thats when Yousef re-appeared online,

''9a7 elnoom'' he said ''ha shlon 9ertay al7en?'' he asked, how sweet

''a7san bs shway thayeg 5elgy'' I said, I was seriously feeling blue for some reason

''thayeg 5elgch oo ana mwjood? =)'' he said

''wallah ma adri shfeni I feel like crying'' I said

''ymkn elmalal, shofay shay tash'3len ro7ch feh'' he said

''ee g3da a6ale3 tv'' I said

''zain tsawen, shno g3da e6al3en?'' he said

''MBC Max, elfilm tawa badey'' I said

''5ush, a5alech etab3ena 3yal'' he said

''la 3adi enta shno ga3d tsawi'' I said, thinking I was waiting for you to sign in now you are leaving to watch my stupid tv
I seriously did not want to stop talking with Yousef and watch some lame suppose to be funny movie instead
''ana g3d akalmech oo afarfer bel facebook'' he said

''bacher I'm going out, I'm not gonna stay home this is boring'' I said

''wen?'' he said

''I dunno, eat something out with sis or go out with Lulu anywhere but here'' I said

''zain tsawen'' he said ''lesh ma t6l3en el9b7?, 3ad a7la shay el6al3a el9eb7, elshware3 fathya oo ma fe helg'' he continued

''ee wayd a7la katha mara 6ela3t m3a refejty in her break el9eb7 bs mu kel mara fathya oo refejaty elbajey 5amden, w mabi a6la3 bro7i'' I said

''kel refejatch yshta'3lon?'' he said

''la2, fe yadreson oo fe ba6aleya nafs 7alty'' I said

''aha, allah ywafegkom'' he said

''ajma3en'' I said '' te3ashet?'' I continued

''el7emdlelah, oo entaii??'' he said

''ana elyom mu meshtahya shay , mn el9eb7 ma kalet shay abbii ayo3 mu gadra, lol awal mara ashof w7da maretha tby tyo3 hathi ana'' I said I giggled

''lol ee mn elmarath allah ygawmech bel salama'' he said

We kept talking until 1;00am, when then he excused himself to go to bed, oh I wonder where this heading with Yousef

I then went to the kitchen made me a sandwich cause I can't wait to get hungry I need food,
I ate and went to bed afterward,

then I got a call ...

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