Saturday, 20 November 2010

Part Eleven;; Are We There Yet!

I picked up it was 6alool I wondered whats he calling about,

''ahlaaiin 6alool again'' I said

''hala fech shloonch ya 8azma??'' he said and giggled

''hehe ana zaina ya 6weell'' I said by the way he is not tall, but he is taller than me

''miss u yal 5aysa sh5barey w ana a6afrech bel jam3a, wla fa9latna tathkeren?'' he said and laughed

''kaaaak ana weyak nekta, boga mudares ma athena, w lazzim t6aferny m3a m8albek allah yl3an blessek shaklek 3egalt al7en 6a5eet'' I said

''la2 wen 6a5eett, allah yhadany enshalla w eyii elyomm elly a3gel feh'' he said, thank god he knows himself

''hehe zain wallah t3ref ro7k,'' I said and laughed

''ee hatha el9ejj =p, sh5bar el7ub 7ajeya?'' he said

''m7d 7ub bs I have a crush though'' I said

''good not there yet =p'' he said

''ee, how about u? shloon romeo w juliet =p'' I said and giggled

''wallah t3ab el7ub w 3war rass, bs yabela tjarben =p wanasa action'' he said

''hehe, ee akeed, t7ebha 6alool?'' I said

''to be honest she was everything to me and I loved her way far as the sky bs now I don't hate her bs I hate the fact ena we are cold and boring, I think distance breaks all bridges, and I know she loves me and shes waiting for me but I'm getting colder'' he said

''well thats just too bad, try fixing it, there is a lot of solutions you know'' I said

''like?'' he said

''well, for starting you should call her first thing you do once you step a foot in Kuwait for holiday, you call her immediately and tell her how you truly feel and don't tell her crap she don't wanna hear, the next day you go out with her in a date, take her somewhere nice, and have the time of your life, trust me fun gets the fire back'' I said damn I'm wise, if only I do what I say hehe

''yea, you are right doc. you do that often?'' he said

''do what?'' I said

''being relationships shrink, you just talked like a pro'' he said with a sarcastic laugh

''hehe, hey, 7sastny eny old man =p, and yea I've done it before unfortunately but never done what I say how smart I am hehe'' I said and giggled

''hehe, you cute smart pants, any guy would be lucky to have you and any one lose you be sure he just too much of an asshole he don't wanna hurts you'' he said

''oh, 6alool aste7y thnxx uu'' I said and blushed

''chub bs 3ad ma g3d a'3azlech ya 7athey, 9ejj a love virgin'' he said back to annoying 6alool whom I know

''lazzim takser fenni 7alef y3ni'' I said

''ee 3yal shloon 3yal, ana elly lucky yuba sh7laty w mako bnaya ma tabeny shno nage9ny ballah'' he said

''hehe '3roork ma lah 7al =p, ee yuba any gurl would be lucky to have you'' I said and laughed

we kept talking until I slept 3;00am 3la eltelefone, it was fun to catch up with crazy 6alool again the coolest buddy in mother earth hehe,

@ 10;00am Uncle knocked my door,

*knock knock*

''Jood, ma taben tgomen nro7 nshof omch?'' he said

I could not open my eyes and get up,

''5aley bs shwaya abbi anam rassi m9ade3'' I said

''oki, taben panadol?'' he said

''la2 mashkor bs shway w agoom'' I said

I slept again, and did not get up until it was 1;30pm
25 BBm messeges and 2 missed calls, the miss calls were from 6alool,

I washed my face and brushed my teeth, got out of my room, uncle was not there but he left me a note on the fridge, the note says,

''bnati shaklech t3bana mn eljetlag ma nemtaii 3adel, my5alef ana ra7 aro7 ashof omich, etha btyen e5thay taxi w t3alay tdelen elmustashfa, oo this is a test for you gabel la asafer, let see if you can do it'' he said

I smiled and went back to my room, I took my phone and called 6alool,

''hey, sweet breaths'' he said

''what?'' I said wondering what does he means

''nmtay 3la elphone ams, you don't know? you don't remember a5er shay shno geltay?'' he said

''no shgelt?'' I said worried what 5rba6t

''omg! mu 9ejj entaii mu zain a7d ysm3ch even you'' he said y6aferni

''lesh? shgelt 6alool come on?'' I said

''la2 b5aleh 7g b3den 3shan abtezech fe el7achey NIhahahah'' he said and let out a laugh

''tara gam t5are3ny mu wagta e6aferny, yalla gool'' I said

''awal shay shno ta36eny?'' he said

''hehe, anything come on'' I said

''wla agoolch 5al nro7 7g omich 6a3 elsa3a chum, I meet you there wla I get a taxi w aye amorech w nro7'' he said

''t3al with your taxi so I can beat you until you tell me what I said while I'm sleeping'' I said

''oki, this is gonna be fun'' he said and laughed at me

''this is not funny, g3d ta7rejny I wanna cry'' I said

''la la tekfa shda3wa, 3addi kelna n5arbe6 sa3at, bs 9ra7a mako 3leech 9aketay 3lay'' he said and laughed

''uhh, mean 6alool this isn't funny'' I said

''5al aro7 abadel w aye b3den ntkalam bel mwtho3'' he said

''oki I'm in (....) hotel if you got here gimme a call'' I said

''sure la tnafsen m3a elwayh'' he said

''eh2eh2 6alool, bs la t6aferni e7targat a39aby, yalla bye'' I said

''hehe, bye''

I opened my closet got a three quarters white short and a superwoman shirt and I let my hair down, 20mins and 6alool called asked me to come down he is out.
I came down and got in the cab,

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