Friday, 26 November 2010

Part Fourteen;; I Thought You'd Never Ask, But .. !

PS;; Joodie and uncle Faisal call Kuwait whenever they could I'm just not mentioning.


I got a MSG from annoying 6alool, who else would remember me, poor me hehe,

''hey sweet cheeks, look I know you gonna be lonely in the next upcoming days, and I got midterms next week so what do you think of hanging out with us, we can go out tomorrow and as very smart dude I need you to help me studying and do homeworks, let me know so we plan something cool bcher, Chawz'' he sent this

''hehe, thnxx You Smart pants thats very thoughtful of you, and it would be nice to go out, but who is coming along with us two?, and yea I would be glad to help you, but I might be sleeping 3nd mama afterward, Cya'' I sent


''yea cool, tomorrow I will introduce you to the gang and don't worry it won't be an all guys hang out there will be a girls you will love them all, and sure we can get you to your mom afterward'' he sent

''can't wait until tomorrow you make it sounds like fun, I'll see you, sweet dreams'' I sent

He did not reply but I did not wait for him to reply anyways, it was 10:30pm I had to go to bed I have a big day tomorrow.

I Woke up on my phone ringing it was no one other than my annoying friend 6alool,

''hello?'' I said in my sexy sleepy voice, I did not know who was it, I was not able to open my eyes

''nayma?'' he said

''ee, mno? 6alool?'' I said

''hehe ee reday namay bcher dgay 3lay'' he said in the cutest voice

''enshalla bye'' I said

''bye'' he said

Next morning
Sunday 8;45am

My uncle knocked my door and got in he woke me up, then went back to get himself a snack before we go, he prepared me a snack too with milk as he is very healthy man.

I got out of my room wearing a cardigan and a white shirt with a jeans, a sandal and got my hear up in a louse bun.
I ate then we left to the cab which was waiting for us in the entry of the hotel, we got in and the driver drove us away to the airport. We sat in 1 of the cafes there for a while until they were calling for the passengers of the flight my uncle would be on;
I hugged uncle really 7aill I was not letting go I cried,

''bs Jood 5la9 wallah al7en ahawen w ag3ad m3ach'' he said and giggled

''ee hawen mabi ag3ad bro7y a5aaff'' I said, I let go of him and holden his hand looking in his eyes hoping he get fooled

''la yuba wallah ra7 testamte3en w ra7 tet3alemen wayyed ashya2, w enshalla Rataj betye enshalla b3d fatra tg3ad m3ach'' he said

''enshalla, tred bel salma elkuwait, salem 3leehom kelhom w gool lehom i miss them very much'' I said

''enshalla yo9al, yalla 5al adesh el6ayra gabel la t6eeer 3ny'' he said, and kissed my head and I felt more sour

I went back to the cab and got out of the airport, now I'm alone free and capable of everything, and I had the opportunity to do whatever I want all I did was go to the hospital and stay with mom, she was sleeping so I slept next to her in the chair.

I woke up on my phone ringing so I took the call outside, it was 6alool again,

''hey, 6alool'' I said in sleepy voice

''ahlaaiin, entaii lel7en nayma, al3en 5ayrech bsech noom ya bnaya ana ma nemt hal kether, w ana naym 3egboch, hehe, wadatay 5alech elm6ar wla tawech ga3da?'' he said

''la wadeta elma6ar w ana al7en bel mustashfa 3nd omi'' I said, yawning

''ee zain ashwa, kalataii shay wla b3d?'' he said

''la bs terayegt, enta home?'' I said

''ee al7en amor ag3ad m3ach shway w b3den tyen our place'' he said

''ee oki I'll be waiting'' I said

''good la te'3aden oki?'' he said

''enshalla, la e6awel'' I said

''la2 I won't, kany al7en a6la3 mn home, bye'' he said

''bye'' I said

6alool came, and mom woke up she spoke for few minutes and ate her lunch, I told her I'll be coming back at night to sleep at the hospital. I asked the doctor when the surgery would be done, he said it would be tomorrow morning enshalla, I was very worried, but kept an optimistic face and I smiled politely.

It was 4;00pm

Me and 6alool we left to his place,


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