Friday, 29 April 2011

Pure Nudity

I went out nude and I don't wanna be seen, what a hypocrite, but that who we all are. I pretend to be insane, to be forgiven and excused, because the only reasons I would choose nudity is either I'm a cheap whore and going public, or I've lost my mind, and dignity is way important than brain, I just need to stop judgement and gossip. How could I hide when I chose to be completely clothe-less, who would avoid to stare? I would not stop staring at me. If I wanted the cover why did I go out without anything on? If I did not want people to talk why did I give them something to talk about? People talk wither your good or bad, and for some reason they never mention any good about you as if your pure evil and their angels when the truth is they only pointing fingers. But talk is air, pictures are prove, and maybe its only an innocent mistake and your only a human, but people won't ever look at it that way, and its funny how when your nude your exposed, while when you wear something you seem to be hidden. So I guess I better put something on so I can disappear from the public eye and be lost in the crowed.