Friday, 19 November 2010

Part Ten;; Almost Lovers

I went back to my new home with my uncle in the taxi which he filled with bags loaded with stuff for me to survive by in the next while,

''5aley t3abt 3omrek kel hatha 7gy? tara wayyed'' I said

''malech she'3el fe ashya2 ma t7essen enhom mohemen bs b3den ra7 te7tajenhom'' he said

''mashkoor ma tga9er 5aley'' I said

''walaw el3afoo'' he said

I spent the time talking to 6alool in bbm I was having the time of my life we were talking about funny stuff and updating each other about each life, I also was talking with 3bood who was complaining about his love life again,

''hey, hows the US miss California?'' he said

''lool shako, its so fine I'm gonna make it mine'' I said

''hehe, I'm alone in stupid Australia no family no friends it sucks but I need elshahada'' he said

''yea allah y3enk, and mwafag enshalla'' I said ''so tell me what happened about the girl you told me about before?'' I said

''nothing Jood I can't do it, I stopped calling and talking or even msn'' he said

''why? lesh? sh9ayer?'' I said

''I want my ex, I want her back I've been in love with her way before I know what does love means'' he said

''do you think she wants you back?'' I said

''I dunno, the last time I was in kuwait I saw her and I swear my legs barley carried me'' he said

''well, did you guys talk? why didn't try to get her back?'' I said

''she said ena she don't wanna be with me again'' he said ''but she wanted to see me what do you think that means?'' he continued

''I dunno maybe she still have feelings for you'' I said

''Jood, I think about her 24/7, I dream about her, the memories we had is not nothing actually those are everything to me, I'm checking my blog, Uh so much about the past'' he said

''don't think about the past, the past is gone, and apparently never coming back why to bother'' I said

''CaaaaaaNN'tt, Can't, caann't aaaaaaaaah'' he said

''you can, just take a decision'' I said

''its Killing'' he said

''its gonna be a little bit hard bs b3den easy'' I said

''I want to get my past'' he said

''so get it, but don't try so hard you'll waste the present and the creation of the future, you either win it back or lose it forever'' I said ''wallah eny agool 7ekam hehe'' I continued

''if I could I would do a lot'' he said ''first untie my tongue lama ynrebe6 lama ashofha'' he continued

''don't hang a lot of hopes on something hopeless'' I said still giving 7ekam away =p

''maybe its just me who don't do well in relationships'' he said

''no me too =('' I said

''Jood'' he called me

''halla'' I said

''shasawi? I mean I dream about it'' he said

''if you want to forget about it, you have to take time, go out have fun, live ur freaken life'' I said

''I'm suppose to forget it, and I really don't want that option'' he said

''if you want her back, try your best not to screw your life trying to win her back'' I said more with my wisdom which I don't really use hehe =p ''you have the time use it'' I continued

''thats 5 years'' he said counting the years he gonna spend in Australia

''until I can know if she does want me or not'' he continued

''she clearly said no but when you come back again, if she still wants you so be it'' I said

''I dunno the answer'' he said

''lool hehe'' I said

Suddenly 6alool said

''Jood can I have your number so we can talk?'' he said

''sure,'' I gave him and I felt a little weird

Uncle was in the living room watching T.V. and eating something,

''Jood, mu yw3ana? ma taben taklen shay?'' he asked me

''mballa al7en bro7 akel chips wla something'' I said

I went to the kitchen opened the fridge door and got out turky slices with sliced chedder and closed the door then got the brown toast and made me sandwich I got choco milk from the fridge and chips from the closet and got to the living room I sat next to uncle and started eating,

''tara b3d bcher lazzim ana aro7 elma6ar 7g elrada'' he said

he shocked me and I nearly choked,

''OMG!, its too soon, I still can't do it alone uncle stay for a little longer please'' I said

''la2 lazzim t3rfen Jood, entaii ehny mu bs 7g omich, lazzim tet3alemen te3tamden 3la nafsech w ana lel7en sa3adtech wayyed al7en dorech ta5then ms2oleyat nafsech, w ana ra7 a5alelch ma9roof enshalla kafey w etha ng9ech 3a6eny 5bar 3shan adezlech'' he said

''mu 3n elfloos ana shloon b6la3 shloon bdesh ehny mu elkuwait'' I said

''el5oof mwjood ehny oo fe elkuwait ay shay mumken y9eer lech ehny mumken ena y9eer lech fe elkuwait, w etha allah kateb ena b9eer ra7 y9eer luw entaii 3la elgomar'' he said

''bs maded shway 3la ma at3awad b3den ro7'' I said

''entaii geltaii tet3awedan ma ra7 tet3awedan ella 3la wjoodi ena asa3dech eb kel shay b3den Jood bnayti ana 3ndi eltezamat fe elkuwait, w dawam, oo enshalla ehya esbo3en w Rataj btye'' he said

''enshalla'' I said sadly I kept eating my sandwich

Uncle hugged me I felt like nothing just cold, my phone then rang

''oh already?!'' he said smiling

''lol yea thats must be my friend 6alal who is studying here, he said he wanna interduce me to the city and he wanna come with me to visit mom'' I said

''zain etha 3ndch a7d ehny ashwa, y3ni ma ra7 tkon bro7ch all the time, enshalla ra7 ashofa gabel la asafer'' he said

''enshalla'' I said and excused myself to speak on the phone,

''alloo'' I said

''ahlain Jooj, shloonch bnaya?'' 6alal said

''hala wallah ana zaina enta shloonk?'' I said

''ana b5aiir damech b5aiir, btro7en 7g elwalda elyom wla bcher?'' he said

''la enshalla ymkn bcher elyom ma boga fe shay'' I said

''7elow gbal la tro7en 3a6eny 5bar 3shan ayee asalem w at6aman 3leeha'' he said

''enshalla ma tga9er it would be nice and thnxx so much for doing this to me 6alool you are the best wallah'' I said

''walaw ma sawet shay hatha elwajeb'' he said

''oki c u enshalla'' I said

''yea enshalla bye'' he said

I hang up and talked to uncle,

''6alool my friend is coming bcher elmostashfa 7g omi enshalla fa ymkn ra7 tshofa ehnak'' I said

''good a7san shay e5te9ar elsalfa'' he said

''anyways uncle ana bro7 my room tamer 3la shay??'' I said

''la salmtech w te9be7en 3la 5aiir ana bdesh asba7 w bnam'' he said

''allah ysalmek w na3eman'' I said

''yn3am b7alech'' he said

It was almost 10;00pm

I entered my room layed down on my bed and got my bb signed in msn, and Yousef was there, he had his nickname changed to ilMsafr Ra7, my nickname was, I'm Lovin it;*

''hii'' I said

''ahlaiin, zain shbaktay ma be'3tay'' he said

''hehe, shloonk?'' I said

''ana b5aiir, shtegtlech'' he said

''dom enshalla, ana zaina, 7tta ana shtegtlek;$$'' I said

''shloonch? shmsawya bel '3orba?'' he said

''ana b5aiir damek b5air, wallah lel7en ma 7asset bel '3orba 5aley msawey she'3el wayyed bs bred elkuwait b3d yomen w 5ayfa shway'' I said

''3yarah lol'' he said

''lol wallah eldeera wayyed 7elow ma afaker ared bs abbii a7d m3ay'' I said

''enshalla doom mstansa bs lazzim treden'' he said

''hehe enshalla ra7 ared bs lazzim omi t5ale9 3elajha awal'' I said

''shloon omich al7en enshalla a7san'' he said

''el7emdlelah lel7en bs g3den y3rfen shno feha ma bedaw bel 3elaj'' I said

Rawan was talking with me at the same time,

''miss you wifey come back already'' she said

''I miss you more, but seems like I'm not coming baby cuz I'm lovin it lool'' I said

''ma y9eer ra7 treden, wla t3alay e5theny m3ach =p'' she said

''oki yalla al7en adez lech 6ayarty el5a9a =p'' I said

Yousef talked to me again,

''shsawatay ehnak lel7en?'' he said

''re7t super market 3ndhom super markets wayyed oo '3aiir 3nah wayed a7la 7adda kan wanasa'' I said

''ma t7areshaw fech?'' he said

''hehe ehny ma yt7areshon y7lelhom, bs sheft wa7d kan m3ay bel jam3a Kuwaiti salamt 3leeh w solaft m3ah 5ush wa7d'' I said

''oo 6ab3an '3azelch chena awal mara yshof bnaya'' he said

''la2 akeed ma ra7 y'3azlny he is my best friend mn ayam eljam3a ma 3nda hal swalef'' I said

Evo was talking to me too,

''7bebty Jood shtegtlech w shtegt 7g fa9latch metta btreden galbi? w shmsawya ehnak?'' she said

''ya b3d 3omri Evo 7ddy mshtagtlech abbii af9el m3ach miss uu so much, walla ana wayyd mstansa w el7emdlelah kel shay tmam, w taw elnas 3la elrada lel7en mu met2akden'' I said

''yalla el7emdlelah aham shay entaii merta7a denyti w mstansa hatha aham shay'' she said

''7yaatti wallah :*, 3la wanasty elly ehny wallah wla shay lamn akon m3ach;*'' I said
''guess mno beda y'3ar?'' I said as I tell Evo everything and she knows about Yousef

''Yousef??!!'' she said

''ee hehe, sheft 6alool my best friend mn eljam3a, w I mentioned to Yousef eny shefta bshof shegool, a7ess zain ma y6eg tathkerta oo eyii'' I said

''lool y7lelah a7ess Yousef 5ush wa7d, bs la t9eeren 5feefa m3ah theglay shway hehe'' she said

''lool Evo ana thegela t3rfeny =p'' I said

''hehee ee at7arash fech 7yattii adri fech'' she said

I continued talking with Yousef,

''shloon elkuwait bedooni?'' I said

''lol mu shay'' he said

''lesh? =p'' I said

''l2nch mu feha, ,u mnawra'' he said

'';$$$ oh thnxx u, mnawra bwjoodek'' I said

My phone rang..

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