Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Part Five;; Untitled

Don't worry I did not get the call from a Smoken-Hot-Drop-Dead-Gorgeous-Guy, that I can tell all that by just hearing his voice, it was just my cousin Dana and it went like this

''hello danoosh'' I said

''halla jood, shlonch? sh5barech?'' she said

''I'm very well, entaii shlonch? shemsawya?'' I said

''el7emdlelah b5aiir'' she said ''sh3ndch elyem3a elm'3arb?'' she continued

''ma 3ndi shay as I think, lesh?'' I said

''bro7 avenues, tyen? b3d elm'3arb nro7'' she asked

''ee oki, ana as2al mom oo bcher a36ech 5bar oki?'' I said

''ee oki,'' she said

''ee cya bcher enshalla bel yam3a btyen?'' I said

''ma adri, ymkn'' she said

''hope to c u enshalla yalla bye'' I said

''oki bye'' she said and hang up

I put my head down and went in deep sleep.
I woke up on my phone vibrating, it was Lulu,

''hey, entaii lel7en nayma?'' she said

''ee, hehe'' I said

''yalla basech noom gomay b3d shway bmorech'' she said

''oki, enshalla bs shwaya'' I said

''la2 mako al7en tgomen ma ra7 a9akrah lamn to9len ley el7mam'' lulu said

''enshalla, elsa3a chum elly entaii daga w al7en agom?'' I said

''elsa3a 2;30pm, elsa3a chm entaii nayma?'' she said

''1;00am I think'' I said

''ee me too, why are you so sleepy then, snap out of it come on'' she said and giggled

''oki babe, I got to the bathroom let me call you as soon as I finish oki?'' I said

''oki, we'll see, if you did not call in 10 minutes you gonna be dead =p'' she said laughing

''hehe, oki bye'' I said and giggled

I freshed up and saw mom when I got out of the bathroom,

''elsalam yuma, b6la3 m3a lulu b3d shway oki?'' I said

''kel yom entaw? sh3ndkom? entaii mu maretha?'' she said, here we start the investigation

''la2, I'm not sick anymore, el7emdlelah its just a one day thing, and yea we are gonna make the walking for a month or so, we wanna get in shape'' I said

''3ad 6a3 elly wanna get in shape elm9a3weyen, oki bs la e6awloon'' she said

''enshalla'' I said and giggled

I called Lulu and told her that I'm about to have lunch then get ready I just got out of the bathroom,
I went to the kitchen and had my lunch, then went back to my room, changed and got ready to go out with Lulu
I wore a black training suite with white shirt and got my hair on a ponytail, I got my iPod on shuffle and was hearing Jennifer Lopez - Glad, I went to my lablob and signed in,
Yousef was online so I talked to him for a while,

''hey, you here'' I said and smiled

''yes, shno tawech ga3da?'' he said

''ee, oo 7addi day5a, oo abi a7alem hehe, I love to dream'' I said

''la2, g3day shofay elwa8e3 a7la'' he said

''ee, enshalla'' I said

''ella chan bt7lmen fenni hatha shay thany'' he said

''looool'' I giggled

''teth7ken ha?'' he said

''ee =p'' I said

''adri fech ma t7ebeny'' he said

''ee b3d shnsawei'' I said

''=('' he said

''=P'' I added

''shfeek?'' I said, what a heartless

''ma fenni shay'' he said, w3laya 7tta luw fe shay ma shja3ty ygool =p

''enta t7ebny? =p'' I said kidding and to break the silence

''ee 7ub mn 6raf wa7d y3ni'' he said

''loool'' I giggled, thinking he was kidding too

''sht7eb fenni?'' I said, still was kidding

''kel shay'' he said

''methel?'' I said, de3lah and still think its just a joke

''entaii 7elwa, w y3jebny smarch, w 3yonch, oo hatha ka shakel'' he said ''ama sha59etch fa lel7en ma adri'' he said

**btw we are Joodie and Yousef are friends in facebook too, where each have posted their own pix and that how they know how each look like**

''y3ni you like me? jadd?'' I said, BINGO you finally saw it =P such a blondie

''mbda2eyan, ee'' he said ''w kashakel entaii 7elwa, wla entayfa '3eer chethe?'' he continued

''hehe, =p ee ana adri eny 7elwa bs elshakel mu kel shay'' I said and still not believing

''akeed, 3shan chethe gelt lech sha59etech lel7en ma adri 3nha'' he said

''eeh'' I said

''w sha59etech ra7 a3refha m3a elayam ma tbayen eb yom oo lailah'' he said

''ee 9a7'' I said, shocked much?

'';)'' he winked

''enta lesh taby tet3raf 3lay akther?'' I asked, wanna know where is this going

''oo lesh ma at3raf 3leech akther?'' he answered with a question

''la2, mu 3n bs ka 9ada8ah y3ni??'' I asked

''ee friendship'' he said

''=D ee 7elow =p'' I said

''lesh 7elow?'' he said

Lulu called,

''yallah get out, I'm outside'' She said and hang up

''I have to go, I'll talk to you later, lulu bara'' I told Yousef

''oki, take care, bye'' he said

''bye'' I said

I left to Lulu's car, got in and she was on the phone talking to her cousin which by the way her name was also Lulu she use to be with us in college, Lulu1 was telling Lulu2 how she left Na9er finally and how he was such an asshole even in the break up.

as soon as she ended her call I asked her about what happened,

''you broke up with him?'' I asked

''ee g6ee3a, w msawey roo7a shareef roma oo entaii el'3al6ana'' she said

''huw!, shlon? shgal?'' I said

''ygoli ana adri ena fe another guy oo I know him'' she said

''what a load of crap, you believed him?'' I asked

''I dunno, what if he really do know one of my guy friends who I use to know'' she said

''what? thats impossible, you said they were, and he said that just to make you feel guilty exactly what I see you are feeling right now, he just wanna show you it wasn't his fault, he wanna scare you maybe, but noway, beside you weren't so close to those guys they were just with you in classes and stuff, which means he is so clueless'' I said,

''yea, you're right, thats what yasmeen my friend told me too'' she said

''see he is full of bullshit, and so weak he got nothing to defend himself'' I said

we reached our walking area where we walk until the end of elmarkaz el3elmy then come back again to her car.
when we finished we got some ice-cream, then she got me home, where I ad a quick shower and got ready for Jam3at el7areem fe baiit 5aley.
we wore fancy clothes, had amazing gossip and ate delicious food.

I was missing Yousef to be honest and kinda was thinking way too much about him he is my new obsession, I thought about what am I gonna talk to him about next, and what things I'm gonna mention about me.
The clock finally hit 12;00am, I was happy, sleepy and can't wait to get home.

we got home, i changed and signed in 3la 6ool, surprise Yousef was online,

''welcome'' he said

''thnnxx you'' I said

''ma geltely lesh 7elow mwthoo3 el9ada8ah??'' he said

''y7lelek lel7en thaker? ana ra7 3n baley'' I said, I seriously forget about that

''ana gelt akeed btensen bs ana abbi a3ref rayech bel mwtho3'' he said

''well I was glad enk taby friendship cause at first I thought you wanted more than that'' I said

''like?'' he said

''3baley taby 7ub =p'' I said ''honesty is a curse'' I continued

''lol oo mno gal akrehech? ana a7bch al7en'' he said

''hehe'' I laughed

''oo luw ma a7bch ma g3dt akalmch'' he said

''lol ya 7yaati 3ad 9ej wayyed mjabelny =p'' I said

''3moman ana mhtam eny a3rfech akther'' he said '' w etha ythaygech goolai'' he said

''la la bel3ax, mako shay mthayegny'' I said ''bs n9edamt enk t7enbny'' I continued

''there is a difference between love and falling in love'' he said

and I felt a bit confused

''love or el7ub e7na nmarsa b7yaatna elyawmeya, entai t7eben 9ade8atech w ana a7b a9de8a2ey'' he said

''el3esh8 lamn ayee agoolch hala 7yaattii, halla 3omri ... etc, w kel wa7d ysame3 elthany kalam '3azal'' he continued

''twni adri ena fe farg'' I said interested

''etha gelt ana ma a7bch m3nata ana akrehch w fe3lyan ana ma akrehech =)'' he said

''el7emdlelah, wallah ana ma akrehek'' I said

''lol y3ni entaii t7ebny?'' he asked

''hehe =p'' I said still don't see the difference can't admit it yet

''enzain shloon btet3raf 3la sha59ety?'' I said

''ybayen mn elswalef, y3ni mthalan luw ts2elni wen re7t elyom oo agolech elgahwa w tes2leni bcher w elly 3egba nafs elso2al oo ana ajawbech nafs eljwab w agolch elgahwa shno t3rfeni 3n sha59ety mn hal jwab?'' he said

''enk t7eb elgahwa =p'' I said playing dumb, wrong move but I just thought to be funny for a bit

''ee ta8reban'' he said ''nafs elshay ana mn swalfey m3ach ra7 astantej sha59etech'' he continued

''enzain enta lel7en ma ekteshaft ashya2 mn sha59ety?'' I said

''mballah, t7eben pop music, w t7eben t6l3en wayyd m3a refejatch, w t7eben t6al3en mosalsalat ajnabeya, w tmoten 3la elrag9'' he said that and shocked for a bit but then I realized those are all shown in my Facebook account,

''mashallah shdarak?'' I said

''kel hatha stantajta mn swalfey m3ach hal yomen'' he said, is that possible? hmm

''mashallah'' I said again

''ee bs 3shan t3rfen eny mhtam fech'' he said

'';$$ g3d tgoli kalam ta7rejny'' I said

''walaw ma fe benn ela9de8a2 e7raj'' he said



''Jood, you there?''

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