Monday, 6 December 2010

Part Seventeen;; I Got A Feeling, This Could Be Serious!

''shfeech? tethayagtay meni?'' he said

''la2, not exactly, I seriously don't know what I'm feeling or doing right now, it was not wrong? right?'' I said as I was walking to set next to him on the sofa

''wrong? no, why would it be wrong?'' he asked

''I dunno, I feel weird, I don't feel like me, I mean it felt good, but lots of weirdness'' I said

and he kissed me again, I felt I need more seriously it was like a drug to me and I got addicted right from the start, is it too early for a rehab?

''oki, we should stop, 3la a8al ne7trem mom is here, plus why are we kissing? omg, I'm kissing my best friend, can I be more naive?'' I said


I woke up to my bbm my friend Rawoon is pinging me,

''yal 5ayssa, wench entaii enshalla we get a time of your day y3ni salmay bel '3ala6'' she said

oh so it was just a dream what a waste, I looked for 6alool and he was peacefully sleeping in a chair and I was laying on the sofa, I looked at mom and she was sleeping too, I checked to see what time is it, it was 4;00am

''hey you, I was apparently sleeping but I swear it seemed so very real and pretty and you totally ruined it ='( aaahh I hate you right now,but still miss you as hell wifey'' I said

''weii entaw ay 7azza 3ndkom?'' she asked

''its 4;00am, and I can't remember when did I fall asleep'' I said

''oh oki, so you awake wla btreden tnamen? I prefer you stay sober, I have some news'' she said

''do I really have a choice? tell me =D'' I said

''my elder is getting engaged to her long time bf and in a month or so shes gonna tamlech'' she said

''wow! thats fantastic baby I'm so happy for her I feel like dancing \=D/'' I said

''but its bitter sweet you know, I feel like crying'' she said

''oh, 7bebty its oki you should be happy you gonna have new kids to mess their lives a bit instead of yours, as for a change I mean'' I said

''loooooool, thnxx I guess, so whats happening with you in the US'' she said

I totally ignored that and went back to sleeping, I love dreaming they make me do crazy stuff,

@ 6;30 Sunday morning I heard a noise so I got up, and saw 6alool getting ready to leave,

''you leaving now? where?'' I said

''college, b3d wen, I have to go to my place then college I'm totally gonna be late'' he said

''oki la t3a9eb 3lay, you gonna come back here?'' I said

''dunno, not sure, but remember you have to come to my place get my homeworks done and reports, plus help me study for my tests, I have an exam in couple of hours and I am relaying on my imagination to fix that'' he said

''hehe, good luck call me once you finish'' I said

''sure, yalla tamren 3la shay?'' he said

''la salmtek w mwafag enshalla'' I said ''one more question though'' I continued

''amray'' he said

''did we umm, ..'' I'm mumbling

''could you hurry, did we wat?'' he said

''did we watch T.V. and kiss in the middle of the night?'' I said doing it straight as usual

''sweety, your blood sugar is too high, try to catch some sleep, now lemme go, I'll talk to you later'' he said

''so it was a dream?'' I said

''must've been unless, you want some of my sugar, which I can't give you right now I have to go babe, c ya later'' he said, after looking at his watch and left, I fell to my embarrassment hiding my face under the blanket

I signed in MSN yousef was online but away as usual, I slept again.
And I woke again as people keep irritating me, but these time there was nurses and a doctor checking mom,

''oh doctor, so what happened about moms brain surgery? is it happening anytime soon?'' I said

''yea we should before she get more damage in her brain, it would be done this after noon, you should sign some papers'' he said

''oki, I'm gonna run home to get me some stuff and change then get back here to stay with her'' I said

''sure, you do what you need to do, we'll be here'' the doctor said

I got up went to the bathroom washed my face and tried waking up, good thing I'm not driving or else there gonna be a big mess out there, I came out of the bathroom put on my cardigan kissed my mom forehead, left the hospital and stopped a cab, got in then went back home

I got in the bathroom and had an awesome shower, I dried up and with a rob on I put in my iPod and played the song Nothing in This World by Paris Hilton, I started applying some foundation and a mascara with blusher a little lips stick made me glow,
I then got a pullover from my closet with a tight jeans and snickers got ready to leave,

It was 11;30
Sunday Morning

I then left to the Hospital with the iPod in my ears I text uncle, my brother and 6alool I talked to him in bbm, I told them about the surgery, I was listening to Just A Dream by Nelly, I got to the hospital, and went to my moms room, she was awake

''mama, tara elyom sawon lech el3amaleya enshalla, ana 5ayfa'' I said

''7bebty t3alay 7tta ana 5ayfa, bs enshalla mako ella el5aiir, geltaii 7g 5alech w 5wanech?'' she said

''ee dazet lehom msg'' I said

''g3daii m3ay nsolef, metta belthab6 gal el3amaleya ra7 tkon'' she said

''he said afternoon, atwa8a3 3la el2 or 3'' I said

''y3ni bagey sa3ten ta8reban'' she said, while looking at the room clock, and holding me while I layed next to her in her bed, I put my head on her chest while she was playing with my hair, I felt like sleeping but the fact mom is going to a surgery could not let me sleep, and we kept talking for a while

shortly the nurse came to take mom away,

''its time to get you ready for surgery'' she said

''wait she is not gonna eat before?'' I asked

''no its not good, it can be dangerous too'' she said

in this time 6alool came in,

''hey, el7emdlelah we9alt gabel el3amalya'' he said

''ee ashwa, al7en bya5thonha 7g el3maleya'' I said and got up from mom bed

''halla 5alty, la t5afen, enshalla mako ella el3afya w tgomen bel salama'' he said

''enshalla, allah kareem, bs gool 7g Jood la t7atey'' she said

Moms was getting pushed to OR room 6alool and I helped the nurse to do so my tears just started rolling down and I felt 6alool looking at me, when we approached the OR the doctors and other nurses took the bed and shut the door to keep us out, I just turned and huggged 6alool really hard and started crying

''its oki, 9adgeny she'll be fine, ehya mu 5ayfa ktherech bs 5la9'' he said

''ma agder wallah 7addy 5ayfa, I'm shaking'' I said

''oki t3alay lets set on the chairs here'' he said, while I was still hugging him

''oki'' I said, and shed my tear while still holding him, and akeed elbajey were in his pullover, then we sat while I was still holding his hand with both of my hands really hard

''oki sba7teny dmoo3 w nawya takseren eddy, adri ena omich bel OR bs mu lazzim I go there too'' he said, and giggled

''sorry,'' I said and let go of him

''at'3ashmar yuba kefch kesreha, fedwa'' he said, and he gave me his hand back

''teslam, la2 ma ra7 akserha bs I need 6alool I can't do this alone its hard wallah'' I said and started crying again so he took my head and placed it in his chest, could I stop crying now? don't count on it

the surgery is most likely to take 6 - 10 hours maximum, the first hour went by, I slept laying my head on 6alool lab

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Part Sixteen;; So Complicated! Uh, I Don't Need This Now!

6alool hugged me really close to his chest and I kept hearing his heart beat,

''look I know you are very scared right now, cause your uncle is gone, your mom is very sick and you are on your on while you never been like this before, I'll be here with you no matter what you can count me I swear I'll be there, cause I know how it feels to be so alone in a foreign country, I'm gonna stay with you tonight'' he said

my tears were rolling down my face, then I moved away and tried to wipe some of my tears,

''thanks 6alool this really means a lot to me, and yea I'm very scared, and you've been a really comfort to me lately'' I said

''oki 5la9 stop crying please, 7adda ma agder ashof someone crying, so cut it la agare9 5doodch hehe'' he said while g3d ygare9 5doodi

''oki, can we ndesh da5el 3la a8al'' I said

''yalla 7ajeya, btw yayba m3ach jackets oo these stuff, umbrella too l2na b6eg mu6ar b3d shway oo its getting cold'' he said, while we were walking in the hospitals

''ee I got some pullovers, but no umbrella'' I said

''we gotta take you shopping soon'' he said

''a5eehh shopping thats heaven'' I said

''agool emshay emshay b3den te7alemay'' he said

''ee ekser fenni'' I said

''ee entaw elbnat ma tn3a6oon wayh, dala3 w mala8a'' he said

''y3ni entaw elly tn3a6on wayh?'' I said

''ee shofay sh7latny kash5a w thegel'' he said, and I giggled mocking him

we arrived to mom room she was asleep as usual so me and 6alool sat on the couch watching T.V.

''I want some skittles, I'm gonna get some from the snacks machine wants something?'' I said

''no, I'll come with you I might find a redbull or something'' he said

we went out of the room searching for the snack machine, we found 2 one is a drinks machine, the other 1 is snacks, I got out a skittles, and 6alool bought a soda,

''so how is this girl you love have you been talking with her lately?'' I asked

''uh, well we broke up'' he said

''what? why? I thought you guys were very special'' I said

''apparently I'm not being good to her, so she dumped me'' he said

''oh, I'm sorry,'' I said

''its, alright, allah ywafegha enshalla telga elly a7san meni, I've been away for a long while she should live her life instead of waiting'' he said

''yes, 9a7 thats a good point'' I said

we were walking back while he was drinking his soda, and I'm having my skittles, we got to the room, and mom just got awake, I went toward her and and helped her get up straight, and kissed her forehead

''taw ma nawerat el'3orfa'' I said

''ee wallah 5altey zain g3dtay, shlonch al7en enshalla a7san'' 6alool said

''halla yoma halla fekom zain ytaw g3daw m3ay, 9ejj eny kela t3bana w nayma bs ashofkom shwaya a6aman 3leekom'' she said

''7yaatti yoma e7na b5aiir etha entaii b5aiir, ma galech el6abeeb metta el3amaleya?'' I asked her

''la wallah, bs yaw sawoli fo7o9at nafs kel mara w 3a6oni elmedication w bs, entaii wench elyom?'' she said

''ana yeet b3d ma ga6et 5aley elma6ar wla entaii w nemt yamch shway b3den, dag 3lay 6alool 6al3ny re7na nt'3ada'' I said, not mentioning the other friends part, so I don't get killed or sent back to kuwait

''ee 3leekom bel 3afya, wen te'3adetaw?'' she said

''ma63am greeb mn elmostashfa'' I said, and was shocked mom was not mad, guess the US changed her too

''ee 7elow, zain '3ayrtaw jaw, enshalla ana etha 5la9t 3maleya w 9ert a7san yabelna 6al3a jma3eya'' she said

''enshalla akeed 5alaty awadech a7la ma63am ehny, w nwadech tshofen eldeera sh7lat'ha '3eer 3n elkuwait'' he said

''ee enshalla bs entaii gomay bel salma'' I said and kissed her again

''kalatay shay yuma? taben taklen?'' I continued

''la el7emdlelah kaleet gabel la anam mara thanya, bs bgom aro7 el7mam w ared anam'' she said

me and 6alool helped mom gets out of her bed and go to the bathroom, when she finished we got her back to her bed to rest, she slept 3la 6ool b3d 3omri she was very exhausted,

''you wanna sleep or watch tv?'' 6alool said

''la2 5alna watch tv and eat my skittles,'' I said

I took a blanket and he did too and we stayed watching Alex and Emma, a romantic comedy movie it was amazing I loved the movie to be honest,

''6alool how its like to kiss? is it as magical is in the movies?'' I asked

''you never been kissed?'' he asked

''hehe, yes I'm a perfect virgin'' I said and giggled and felt shy at once

''y7lelch wallah, well its so amazing I love it, to me its art, I love to do wonders with it'' he said

''wow! I wanna try it I dreamed of it a lot'' I said

''I can teach you if you want'' he said

''what? that would be totally weird'' I said, feeling so I wanna do it but I don't want to, it was so confusing

''la shda3wa 5o bs b3almech, so yes wla no, tara its a life time opportunity, wayyd ytmanoon ykonon mukanech'' he said and flashing a smile I can't say no to

''well, oki'' I said nervous

''oki close your eyes, and gimme your hands'' he held my hands and sensed that I was shaking, ''oki relax I'm not gonna rap you'' he continued

''oki, its just ..'' I could not continue

he kissed me and he kept on doing it for a while, and suddenly stopped, and I opened my eyes, I looked at his eyes,

''well, you gonna say something?'' he said while looking back at me

''uh, I have to go'' I said, mumbling

''go? go where?'' he said

''bathroom, excuse me'' I said, got up and got in the bathroom

I washed my face and looked at myself I fixed my look I was looking like a mess I laughed a little, seriously did not know what to feel, I opened the door

''6alool?'' I said while standing by the bathroom door

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Part Fifteen;; Knock, Knock Its Freedom!

I was very shocked and obviously surprised, and holden 6alool arm immediately, because it happened as soon as 6alool switched the lights on a lot of people screamed at once surprise, felt my heart wanna get out of my chest and soon I'll fall in the floor.

6alool was laughing so hard and looking at me as I was trying to breathe

''oki, breathe breathe, shda3wa 3leech, hehehe, wallah you should have seen your face ma yt6awaf'' he said mocking me

''OMG!, OMG! You almost killed me Y'all'' I said, as soon as I could get a breathe

''SORRY!!'' everyone said together

people started approaching me, making sure I am O.k and 6alool was introducing them as they did too,

''hey, you oki babe?'' Amanda said

''you look pale honey after the shock'' Lizzy said

''oh baby I'll hug You'' Jane

''Oki, You Guys, cut the DraMa, and Jood Stop being such a drama queen it was just an awesome move of us all but you obviously don't deserve it yalla bara 7ajeya, no wait I'm kidding, hehe'' he said, while pushing me to the door and I'm looking at him with my innocent eyes

''hehe, stop it talal, look at her cute face, she still feel lost'' Jane said

''hehe, its Ok I know how he can be so mean, I should be used to that'' I said finally spoke something

''oki babe I am Lizzy, and it is so nice to see you finally as talal have talked so much about you and how close you guys are'' she said that and gave me a hug ''You can just call me liz'' she continued

''yea he keeps talking about you on and on and on like he can never stop, btw I am Amanda and you can just call me Ama'' Amanda said

''hehe, very funny, she knows that I am too cool for her so why would I talk about her'' 6alool said, and I gave him wtf? look

''yea, right!'' I said

''and I'm Jane welcome to your new family'' Jane said

''thnxx Y'all its so niice to meet y'all'' I said

''now you met, Ama, Liz, and Jane, come let me introduce you to the guys'' he said, pointing at the girls as he calling their names, and took my hand to get inside to the living room

There was 2 Kuwaiti guys and other 3 Americans,

''Fahood my friend mn elkuwait,'' 6alool said

''guwa shlonch?'' fahad said and shaked my hand

''ahlaaiin, tmam'' I said

''oo hatha 9aloo7, kuwait'' 6alool said

''ahlaain'' I said and shaked his hands

''halla wallah'' 9aloo7 said

''Jack, American goes to college with us he is 22 too'' 6alool said

''hey Jack'' I said

''how are you? heard lots about you'' he said and shaked my hand

''I'm good nice to meet you'' I said

''and here is Ben, 23 yet he still goes college with us'' 6alool said

''hii,'' Ben said

''and Last but not least our nerd Jason'' 6alool said

''hey, Jason how are you?'' I said

''I'm oki, how you doin?'' he said

''I'm Great, now there will be food in this gathering right?'' I said, out of hunger forgetting shyness

They all laughed at me and said yes,

''ee om eb6en bnwadech taklen'' 6alool said

''I am not you just made me starve hehe'' I said ''so where are we eatting?'' I continued

''well, there is a place across the street ra7 nro7 lah mashy, yalla now''

we all got up and got out from there, and while walking I was with the girls talking about stuff and getting to know each, they all are awesome girls very nice, and all got a Blackberry so I added them all, and I signed in msn but Yousef Wasn't there,

We got to the restaurant enjoyed lunch/dinner, it was every delicious and it was an awesome evening and while I was having a great time there I heard the MSN Beep,

''Msa2 elward'' Yousef said

''ahlaaiin msa2 elnoor w elnwaiir ;D"I was very thrilled to talk to him again cause I've missed him so much

''shlonch ya sooda?'' he said

''ana zaina, oo ana mu sooda ana samra'' I said

''ma 8e9adt sooda 5alla, sooda methel kelmat jamela ow 7elwa'' he said

''oh, ;$$ ma kent adri l2na ana samra fa awadem 3balhom ana fa9elah mn el5wal =p'' I said

''la kelsh entaii mu 5alla, malech 3ela8a, 3yal shga3da tsawen?'' he said

''wallah 6al3a at'3ada m3a 6alool oo girls he know oo his friends bara'' I said, 9ra7a problems

''oh, y3ni fe weyakom shbab?'' he said

''ee, rabe3 6alool bs ana mali she'3el fehom'' I said

''5ush'' he said

''lesh 3a9abt?" I said

''mmm, ma adri y3ni shay 7elow ench te6l3en m3a shbab ma t3rfenhom?'' he asked, and he had a point

''la2 bs I have my reasons, ma agder agool lehom la tyoon'' I said

''bs tgdren ma tro7en'' he said, and he seemed jealous

''wat? ag3ad bel baiit mthalan?'' I said

''la2 teg3den m3a omich mu entaii elmfroth msafra 3shan tg3den m3aha?'' he said

''ee bs enshalla ma an7ebs, 5al ashof eldenya w asasan omi rathya'' I said

''oki kefch 3yal, 5alech ra7 mn hal 9oob w entaii 6la3tay mn hal 9oob'' he said

''tara ma lah da3ey eltajre7 bel 7achey'' I said

''oki ana mashy tamren 3la shay?'' he said

''wat? now? where to?'' I said as I felt my heart stopped for a while and ached

''bro7 anam wallah t3ban, w 3ndy bcher dwam'' he said

''y3ni mu z3lan??'' I said

''achatheb 3leech etha gelt lech la2, bs yhemch?'' he said

''akeed yhemni lesh tkalmi chethe?'' I said

''9a7 m3ach 7g ma lah da3y a7achech chethe ana '3l6an, mno ana la obuch wla o5uch wla raylech'' he said

''oki tara wallah ma lah da3y tkaber elsalfa'' I said

''ma kbart 3addi saway elly tabena 7yatch :D'' he said

''oki noom el3awaafii'' I said, knowing he was upset, but he hurt me

''y3afech, te9b7en 3la 5aiir'' he said

''w enta mn ahla'' I said

''are you oki Jood? u seem upset or worried?'' Jane said

''no its oki, I'm just worried about mom'' I said

''babe, don't worry just pray for her we all will pray for her and GOD will hear us and soon she will be better'' Ama said

''thnxx, I will, and I hope she gets better'' I said, I looked really annoyed


I jumped as usual but this time not as much as I did earlier cause I'm getting use to 6alool moves again,

''God, you love seeing my boobs jumping a bit don't you'' I said and giggled

''kaaaaaaaaaaaak, 9ra7a ee they look awesome'' he said laughing

''shut up you pervert'' I said and I slapped his arm as he was next to me

''yalla emshay lazzim nro7 our place b3den nge6ech elhospital'' 6alool said, and grapped my hand

''we leaving?'' Liz said

''unfortunately baby the trip is over'' Fahood said

''I'm sorry guys to cut your fun short, but we'll hang out some more as soon as mom finish her surgery and be alright'' I said

''ee, 9a7 when her surgery right?'' 6alool said, and I stared at him for a while

''I dunno they did not find the suitable doctor yet they said they might get a doctor from another hospital who is a professional in these surgeries, I'm gonna check about that tonight and see what happened'' I said

''anyways why the blue faces, I'm sorry you guys but I've had a wonderful time, you all were awesome and I'm so happy that I got to know you'' I continued

They all laughed and said that they had fun with me too,

''does that mean we are getting ice-cream before home?'' Jack said

we all laughed at him and I said,

''Yes there is no harm in little fun'' I said

''ee 3baley b3d asasan hal 6al3a kelaha 3lshanch w ts7eben 3leena, 3shan as7ab lsanech w age9a'' 6alool said, I looked at him with innocent eyes and smiled

We got out and went to have ice-cream and kept talking all the way and having some fun, the guys were awesome, and the girls were funny and it was one of those days when I wish this never ends, but sadly it had to,

we arrived to 6alools place which he stays with his Kuwaiti friends and they all got there to take their stuff and then all leave, 6alool came with me to go to the hospital, we stopped a cab and he opened the door for me, I got in and he got in from the other door, <isn't he such a gentleman?> we got to the hospital I got out of the car and 6alool came and he graped my hand I felt weird, I looked at him,

''what 6alool?'' I said

''bwadech ley '3orfat omich'' 6alool said

''yea oki, but I'm not 5, you can not hold my hand you know'' I said, and smiled

''oki, kefi ana bmsek edch 3ndch mane3?'' he said and pulled me closer to him, I felt scared to be honest, and wondered is this going where I think its going

''uh, oki mister creeping me right now'' I said

we were standing in the street 3la elra9eef, and ..

Friday, 26 November 2010

Part Fourteen;; I Thought You'd Never Ask, But .. !

PS;; Joodie and uncle Faisal call Kuwait whenever they could I'm just not mentioning.


I got a MSG from annoying 6alool, who else would remember me, poor me hehe,

''hey sweet cheeks, look I know you gonna be lonely in the next upcoming days, and I got midterms next week so what do you think of hanging out with us, we can go out tomorrow and as very smart dude I need you to help me studying and do homeworks, let me know so we plan something cool bcher, Chawz'' he sent this

''hehe, thnxx You Smart pants thats very thoughtful of you, and it would be nice to go out, but who is coming along with us two?, and yea I would be glad to help you, but I might be sleeping 3nd mama afterward, Cya'' I sent


''yea cool, tomorrow I will introduce you to the gang and don't worry it won't be an all guys hang out there will be a girls you will love them all, and sure we can get you to your mom afterward'' he sent

''can't wait until tomorrow you make it sounds like fun, I'll see you, sweet dreams'' I sent

He did not reply but I did not wait for him to reply anyways, it was 10:30pm I had to go to bed I have a big day tomorrow.

I Woke up on my phone ringing it was no one other than my annoying friend 6alool,

''hello?'' I said in my sexy sleepy voice, I did not know who was it, I was not able to open my eyes

''nayma?'' he said

''ee, mno? 6alool?'' I said

''hehe ee reday namay bcher dgay 3lay'' he said in the cutest voice

''enshalla bye'' I said

''bye'' he said

Next morning
Sunday 8;45am

My uncle knocked my door and got in he woke me up, then went back to get himself a snack before we go, he prepared me a snack too with milk as he is very healthy man.

I got out of my room wearing a cardigan and a white shirt with a jeans, a sandal and got my hear up in a louse bun.
I ate then we left to the cab which was waiting for us in the entry of the hotel, we got in and the driver drove us away to the airport. We sat in 1 of the cafes there for a while until they were calling for the passengers of the flight my uncle would be on;
I hugged uncle really 7aill I was not letting go I cried,

''bs Jood 5la9 wallah al7en ahawen w ag3ad m3ach'' he said and giggled

''ee hawen mabi ag3ad bro7y a5aaff'' I said, I let go of him and holden his hand looking in his eyes hoping he get fooled

''la yuba wallah ra7 testamte3en w ra7 tet3alemen wayyed ashya2, w enshalla Rataj betye enshalla b3d fatra tg3ad m3ach'' he said

''enshalla, tred bel salma elkuwait, salem 3leehom kelhom w gool lehom i miss them very much'' I said

''enshalla yo9al, yalla 5al adesh el6ayra gabel la t6eeer 3ny'' he said, and kissed my head and I felt more sour

I went back to the cab and got out of the airport, now I'm alone free and capable of everything, and I had the opportunity to do whatever I want all I did was go to the hospital and stay with mom, she was sleeping so I slept next to her in the chair.

I woke up on my phone ringing so I took the call outside, it was 6alool again,

''hey, 6alool'' I said in sleepy voice

''ahlaaiin, entaii lel7en nayma, al3en 5ayrech bsech noom ya bnaya ana ma nemt hal kether, w ana naym 3egboch, hehe, wadatay 5alech elm6ar wla tawech ga3da?'' he said

''la wadeta elma6ar w ana al7en bel mustashfa 3nd omi'' I said, yawning

''ee zain ashwa, kalataii shay wla b3d?'' he said

''la bs terayegt, enta home?'' I said

''ee al7en amor ag3ad m3ach shway w b3den tyen our place'' he said

''ee oki I'll be waiting'' I said

''good la te'3aden oki?'' he said

''enshalla, la e6awel'' I said

''la2 I won't, kany al7en a6la3 mn home, bye'' he said

''bye'' I said

6alool came, and mom woke up she spoke for few minutes and ate her lunch, I told her I'll be coming back at night to sleep at the hospital. I asked the doctor when the surgery would be done, he said it would be tomorrow morning enshalla, I was very worried, but kept an optimistic face and I smiled politely.

It was 4;00pm

Me and 6alool we left to his place,


Monday, 22 November 2010

My Apologize

To All My Foreigner Followers,

I Know You All Probably Wondering What The Hell I Am Saying, This Is Not Comprehensible What I'm Writing

And Thats Because I'm Writing In English-Arabic Internet Kinda Way,

But No Worries As I Have Lots Of Foreign Audience I Am Going To Post A Pure English Posts =D

Part Thirteen;; If Only It Goes My Way

''ahlaain bel ga63en'' he said

''lool hala fekk, shloonk??'' I said

''b5aiir, entaii shloonch??'' he said

''b5aiir damek b5aiir, shloon eljaw bel kuwait?'' I said

''wallah 7ar w zahga b3d shno =p, entaw shlon jawkom el-londony?'' he said

''hehe, ana fe Pennsylvania mu England ya rajol'' I said

''lool adri bs jawkom '3eer w ma leget ella london ashebha fekom =p'' he said

''lol wallah jawna 3ajeeb w eldeera sh7alt'ha tyanen 6abe3a w elshware3 t7ess wedk taf9el lool'' I said

''ashwa aham shay ena nafsetech met3adlah mu gabel la tsafren ma taklen'' he said

''la g3da akel el7emdlelah'' I said

''3waaaffii'' he said

''3la galbk'' I said

''shloon omich enshalla a7san?'' he said

''ee el7emdlelah, g3den ya36onha medication w ra7 ysawon laha 3maleya'' I said

''tgom bel salama enshalla,'' he said

''m7d gali shtegtlech elyom! =p'' I said

''hehe 3yaarah, shtegnalech wayyed bs entaii ma taben treden, 7betay elus zain ma t3eshen ehnak w tensena'' he said

''hehe, 3ad afaker enta shrayek?'' I said

''3shan aye a89ef elwelaya elly entaii feha, w a56efech w ared'' he said

''la la yuba ma n5ale9 chethe bro7hom 3egob Sep, 11 shayshen 3leena b3d enta ta89efhom ma yhedona'' I said, and giggled

''lool, la 3addi ygolon fedwa'' he said

''lool aham shay fedwa shathnbhom w3alaya'' I said

''allah ya5alech ley enshalla'' he said

''w y5alek ley ya rab;$$'' I said

We arrived home and we got out of the car went to our room,

''yw3ana Jood? na6leb room service nshof shno 3ndhom wla nro7 McDonalds?'' he said

''3la ra7tek 5aley, bs jad yw3ana'' I said

''nshoof shno 3ndhom elroom service, etha ma 3ejabna shay nshof ay ma63am good ehny nro7 lah'' he said

It was almost 4;00pm, and we did not have lunch yet.

I went back to chatting with Yousef while uncle was checking the menu,

''ana asta2then al7en'' Yousef said

''wen btro7?'' I said

''bro7 anam bcher dwam'' he said

''wen ma sheba3t menk taw elnas'' I said

''shasawy ana luw bedi ag3ad 6ool elyom bs asolef m3ach bs mu bedi'' he said

''ya b3d 3omri;$$$ la ro7 nam noom el3waaffi ;*'' I said

''y3afech galbi akalmch wagt thany, te9b7en 3la 5aiir'' he said

''w enta mn ahla'' I said

we called the room service, I ordered a shrimp dish and uncle ordered one of the fish dishes all was yummy we had a good meal.
Then we stayed watching the T.V. until it was 7;00pm thats when uncle excused himself to go to bed,

''metta bcher 6ayrtek 5aley?'' I said

''lazzim n6la3 mn elbaiit 3la el10am 3la ela8al el6ayra t6eer 12;00am'' he said

''oki enshalla ana bcher baye m3ak awad3ek'' I said

''oki te9b7en 3la 5aiir'' he said

''w enta mn ahla'' I said

I stayed bel 9allah watching T.V. and talking in BBM to Faith, Evo sister, and Evo too.

''Joodo metta btreden bs 3ad welahna 3leech'' Faith said

''ya b3d 3omri w ana wlhana 3leekom kelkom w 3la elkuwait bs lazzim t5ale9 omi 3elajha bel awal w b3den ra7 ared'' I said

''ee sh9ar 3la omich enshalla a7san?'' she said

''ee el7emdlelah al7en badyen feha 3laj gabel el3amaleya b3den 3amaleya b3den 3elaj again'' I said

''allah ygawemha bel salama'' she said ''bdez lech pic abbi rayech asawi sha3rey like this wla la2'' she continued, and sent the pic

''el-lon wla elga9a?'' I said

''elga9a'' she said

''3ajeba elga9a shawagteny w el-lon b3d 7elow bs ana g3da a7awel a6awel sha3rey ma abbi aga9rah,'' I said

''ana '3ramy ga9 elsha3ar ma ata7mal'' she said

''tell me about it ana akther w7da tge9 sh3arha bs maska ro7y 9ar ley mooda'' I said

Evo then jumped,

''ee ma ysalmoon'' she said

''halla bel 7ub kella, shlonch 7bebty?, mshtagtlch wayyd;*'' I said

''hala fech denyti, ana zaina w ana b3d wayyed mshtagtlech shmsawya bel '3orba?'' she said

''wallah tmam, lel7en ma 7asset feha kel shay tmam'' I said

''ashwa, sh5bar 6alool w Yousef?'' she said

''walah zainen, wa7d yabeni ared oo wa7d ma yabeni ared lool, 7ayerooni'' I said

''lool allah y3ench, 6alool y7bch?'' she asked

''lool la2 we are just best friends mn zeman w ohwa 3nda 7beba'' I said

''eee oki wanasa 3yal'' she said

''ee wallah wayyd wanasa, bs kela y6aferni'' I said

''ee lazzim mala8at elshbab loool'' she said

''3la goltech lol'' I said

Suddenly *Beep*

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Part Twelve;; Big Girls Don't Cry

Once I tried to open the cab door,

and a hand lied on my shoulders
I felt my heart jumped out of my chest I took a quick breath and closed my eyes, stood straight and still,
I heard a laugh and I opened my eyes, and it was just 6alool

''uhh, I'm gonna kill you'' I said with an angry face

I got in the cab and 6alool closed my door and got in from the other door, I told the driver to take us to the hospital moms in then,

''oki, now that we are here you gonna tell me what I said without threats right?'' I said

''hehe oulla shda3wa threats, 3ad 3nad 3shan geltay threats mani gayel'' he said and looked at me with an evil look

''oh you, come on 6alool just gooly, lesh farga m3ak'' I said

''well ma 3ndy shay thany a6afrech fe let me have my fun'' he said

''alright, whatever I don't wanna know anymore'' I said

''la la mu nafseya chethe 5la9 3ad, yuba ma geltay shay, bs ana a6afrech twansen lamn t3a9ben'' he said and giggled

''ya kareeh, hehe'' I said blushed and giggled

We got to the hospital and went straight to moms room, my uncle was not there but mom was awake,

''elsalam, yuma shlonch? enshalla a7san al7en?'' I said

''el7emdlelah, bs t3bana athoni bel t7alel w elmedication malhom yta3eb'' she said

''7bebty, enshalla kel hatha y5ale9 w t9eren a7san, yuma hatha 6alal kan zamely bel jam3a fe elkuwait w shefta ehny gal beye ysalem 3leech'' I said

''shloonch 5alty? allah ygawmech bel salama, y5ale9 hatha elt3ab w terta7en enshalla'' he said and kissed her forehead

''ana methl ma tshof 7a6eny 3la frash w ajheza, ma n7ess ena awadem'' she said

''el7emdlelah 3la kel 7al, w enshalla btgomen bel salama 5alty w btreden elkuwait w t9eren a7san mn gabel, w tshofen bentch hathi 3rooss w tyeblch babies 5bool nafs'ha'' he said and giggled

and sat on a chair next to mom

''tara im still here, oo my babies a7la babies bel denya malek she'3el shofey mama y3ayeb 3lay'' I said

mom was giggling

''la hathi Jood hathi 7bebty a7la w7da'' she said

''ee mama 7alech feh, kela y6aferni mn ayam elderasa'' I said

and sat right next her left side

''la 3adi yt'3ashmer m3ach'' she said

''3yal wen 5aley mama?'' I said, and as I finished my sentence he was in

''elsalam 3leekom'' he said

''ahlaaiin twni yebt 6areyk'' I said

6alool got up and salam 3la 5aley, they exchanged formalities

''5aley al7en sh9ar 3la omi?'' I said

''eldoctor al7en ra7 ya36eha medications b3den she have to get into a surgery, bayen 3ndhom ena fe waram fe elmu5 w lazzim ynshal 7aleyan l2na g3d yth'3a6 3la elmu5 w hathi elshay elly g3d ysabeb laha elt3ab w enha t6e7'' uncle said '' w 6ab3an b3d el3amaleya lazzim tg3ad fatrat 3elaj'' he continued

''el7emdlelah 3la kel 7al'' I said '' aham shay ench tgomen bel salama'' I said

Uncle stayed talking with 6alal for a while and I was feeding mom her lunch, my mind was so much far away of whats happening I was thinking of Yousef, I missed staying late at night talking to him even though I stay just for an hour or less but somehow he makes me wanna talk a lot, I was remembering all our chats, m3a ena elkel ygooli he seems boring and dama thegel bs he has something makes me love talking to him,


''Uhh, GOD, enshalla ma twagef galbi'' I said and looked at 6alool

''entaii enshalla ma anadech 9ar ley ne9 sa3a w entaii mako ray7a 3alam thany w sar7ana ma adri shtfakren feh, akeed fenni b3d jameell mn 7agch e5thay ra7tch etha eb tet7almen fenni b3d ma agoolch la2 e5thay ra7tch 7ajeeya'' he said that and flashed the cutest smile,

I wonder why we both never get together, whatever he is in love thats good, and I got Yousef which we are almost lovers,

''ee malek she'3el, mu sar7ana feek g3da afaker shkether bagy 3lla elrada w shno ra7 asawi lamn 5aley ysafer, 9ejj wen 5aley? how long was I sar7ana'' I said

''hhhhhh, entaii film, salam elrayal w kan g3d ynadech 3shan treden m3ah bs ma radetaii gelt lah 5alha ymkn btnam ehni w etha taby tred ana aredha'' he said

''mno galek to speak for me asasan ma abbi ared m3ak bred m3a 5aley'' I said

''shfech? w lesh ma treden m3ay asasan mn 7athech ench rada m3a wa7d chethe w benni bench abech for protection 3shan la w7da tye tet7arash fenni'' he said

''hehe malee8 tara enta jeekr'' I said, and got my phone to call uncle Faisal

''ee m7tara'' he said and giggled

''allo, halla 5aley enta 6la3t wla b3d? ee la la tro7 kaney yaya'' I said and hang up

''kel hatha 3shan la tyen m3ay wallah ma 3ndch salfa 5ali elrayal yro7 yrta7 w ytzahab wra safra bcher'' he said

''ee bro7 asa3dah w asalem 3leeh gabel la ysafer'' I said

''enzain 5al aye awa9lech ley elsayara'' he said

''yalla mama, ana ashofech enshalla bcher ra7 ayee abcher mn chethe 3shan ra7 anam 3adel mu nafs ams lamn az3ejoni b3th elnas'' I said kissed mom and hugged her while was getting to sleep

''7bebty m3a elsalama'' she said

''yalla 7ajey 5al namshey'' I said

Me and 6alool got out, he got me in the cab and closed the door, we left and he got in another cab, we all went home,

I signed in msn and Yousef was online,

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Part Eleven;; Are We There Yet!

I picked up it was 6alool I wondered whats he calling about,

''ahlaaiin 6alool again'' I said

''hala fech shloonch ya 8azma??'' he said and giggled

''hehe ana zaina ya 6weell'' I said by the way he is not tall, but he is taller than me

''miss u yal 5aysa sh5barey w ana a6afrech bel jam3a, wla fa9latna tathkeren?'' he said and laughed

''kaaaak ana weyak nekta, boga mudares ma athena, w lazzim t6aferny m3a m8albek allah yl3an blessek shaklek 3egalt al7en 6a5eet'' I said

''la2 wen 6a5eett, allah yhadany enshalla w eyii elyomm elly a3gel feh'' he said, thank god he knows himself

''hehe zain wallah t3ref ro7k,'' I said and laughed

''ee hatha el9ejj =p, sh5bar el7ub 7ajeya?'' he said

''m7d 7ub bs I have a crush though'' I said

''good not there yet =p'' he said

''ee, how about u? shloon romeo w juliet =p'' I said and giggled

''wallah t3ab el7ub w 3war rass, bs yabela tjarben =p wanasa action'' he said

''hehe, ee akeed, t7ebha 6alool?'' I said

''to be honest she was everything to me and I loved her way far as the sky bs now I don't hate her bs I hate the fact ena we are cold and boring, I think distance breaks all bridges, and I know she loves me and shes waiting for me but I'm getting colder'' he said

''well thats just too bad, try fixing it, there is a lot of solutions you know'' I said

''like?'' he said

''well, for starting you should call her first thing you do once you step a foot in Kuwait for holiday, you call her immediately and tell her how you truly feel and don't tell her crap she don't wanna hear, the next day you go out with her in a date, take her somewhere nice, and have the time of your life, trust me fun gets the fire back'' I said damn I'm wise, if only I do what I say hehe

''yea, you are right doc. you do that often?'' he said

''do what?'' I said

''being relationships shrink, you just talked like a pro'' he said with a sarcastic laugh

''hehe, hey, 7sastny eny old man =p, and yea I've done it before unfortunately but never done what I say how smart I am hehe'' I said and giggled

''hehe, you cute smart pants, any guy would be lucky to have you and any one lose you be sure he just too much of an asshole he don't wanna hurts you'' he said

''oh, 6alool aste7y thnxx uu'' I said and blushed

''chub bs 3ad ma g3d a'3azlech ya 7athey, 9ejj a love virgin'' he said back to annoying 6alool whom I know

''lazzim takser fenni 7alef y3ni'' I said

''ee 3yal shloon 3yal, ana elly lucky yuba sh7laty w mako bnaya ma tabeny shno nage9ny ballah'' he said

''hehe '3roork ma lah 7al =p, ee yuba any gurl would be lucky to have you'' I said and laughed

we kept talking until I slept 3;00am 3la eltelefone, it was fun to catch up with crazy 6alool again the coolest buddy in mother earth hehe,

@ 10;00am Uncle knocked my door,

*knock knock*

''Jood, ma taben tgomen nro7 nshof omch?'' he said

I could not open my eyes and get up,

''5aley bs shwaya abbi anam rassi m9ade3'' I said

''oki, taben panadol?'' he said

''la2 mashkor bs shway w agoom'' I said

I slept again, and did not get up until it was 1;30pm
25 BBm messeges and 2 missed calls, the miss calls were from 6alool,

I washed my face and brushed my teeth, got out of my room, uncle was not there but he left me a note on the fridge, the note says,

''bnati shaklech t3bana mn eljetlag ma nemtaii 3adel, my5alef ana ra7 aro7 ashof omich, etha btyen e5thay taxi w t3alay tdelen elmustashfa, oo this is a test for you gabel la asafer, let see if you can do it'' he said

I smiled and went back to my room, I took my phone and called 6alool,

''hey, sweet breaths'' he said

''what?'' I said wondering what does he means

''nmtay 3la elphone ams, you don't know? you don't remember a5er shay shno geltay?'' he said

''no shgelt?'' I said worried what 5rba6t

''omg! mu 9ejj entaii mu zain a7d ysm3ch even you'' he said y6aferni

''lesh? shgelt 6alool come on?'' I said

''la2 b5aleh 7g b3den 3shan abtezech fe el7achey NIhahahah'' he said and let out a laugh

''tara gam t5are3ny mu wagta e6aferny, yalla gool'' I said

''awal shay shno ta36eny?'' he said

''hehe, anything come on'' I said

''wla agoolch 5al nro7 7g omich 6a3 elsa3a chum, I meet you there wla I get a taxi w aye amorech w nro7'' he said

''t3al with your taxi so I can beat you until you tell me what I said while I'm sleeping'' I said

''oki, this is gonna be fun'' he said and laughed at me

''this is not funny, g3d ta7rejny I wanna cry'' I said

''la la tekfa shda3wa, 3addi kelna n5arbe6 sa3at, bs 9ra7a mako 3leech 9aketay 3lay'' he said and laughed

''uhh, mean 6alool this isn't funny'' I said

''5al aro7 abadel w aye b3den ntkalam bel mwtho3'' he said

''oki I'm in (....) hotel if you got here gimme a call'' I said

''sure la tnafsen m3a elwayh'' he said

''eh2eh2 6alool, bs la t6aferni e7targat a39aby, yalla bye'' I said

''hehe, bye''

I opened my closet got a three quarters white short and a superwoman shirt and I let my hair down, 20mins and 6alool called asked me to come down he is out.
I came down and got in the cab,

Friday, 19 November 2010

Part Ten;; Almost Lovers

I went back to my new home with my uncle in the taxi which he filled with bags loaded with stuff for me to survive by in the next while,

''5aley t3abt 3omrek kel hatha 7gy? tara wayyed'' I said

''malech she'3el fe ashya2 ma t7essen enhom mohemen bs b3den ra7 te7tajenhom'' he said

''mashkoor ma tga9er 5aley'' I said

''walaw el3afoo'' he said

I spent the time talking to 6alool in bbm I was having the time of my life we were talking about funny stuff and updating each other about each life, I also was talking with 3bood who was complaining about his love life again,

''hey, hows the US miss California?'' he said

''lool shako, its so fine I'm gonna make it mine'' I said

''hehe, I'm alone in stupid Australia no family no friends it sucks but I need elshahada'' he said

''yea allah y3enk, and mwafag enshalla'' I said ''so tell me what happened about the girl you told me about before?'' I said

''nothing Jood I can't do it, I stopped calling and talking or even msn'' he said

''why? lesh? sh9ayer?'' I said

''I want my ex, I want her back I've been in love with her way before I know what does love means'' he said

''do you think she wants you back?'' I said

''I dunno, the last time I was in kuwait I saw her and I swear my legs barley carried me'' he said

''well, did you guys talk? why didn't try to get her back?'' I said

''she said ena she don't wanna be with me again'' he said ''but she wanted to see me what do you think that means?'' he continued

''I dunno maybe she still have feelings for you'' I said

''Jood, I think about her 24/7, I dream about her, the memories we had is not nothing actually those are everything to me, I'm checking my blog, Uh so much about the past'' he said

''don't think about the past, the past is gone, and apparently never coming back why to bother'' I said

''CaaaaaaNN'tt, Can't, caann't aaaaaaaaah'' he said

''you can, just take a decision'' I said

''its Killing'' he said

''its gonna be a little bit hard bs b3den easy'' I said

''I want to get my past'' he said

''so get it, but don't try so hard you'll waste the present and the creation of the future, you either win it back or lose it forever'' I said ''wallah eny agool 7ekam hehe'' I continued

''if I could I would do a lot'' he said ''first untie my tongue lama ynrebe6 lama ashofha'' he continued

''don't hang a lot of hopes on something hopeless'' I said still giving 7ekam away =p

''maybe its just me who don't do well in relationships'' he said

''no me too =('' I said

''Jood'' he called me

''halla'' I said

''shasawi? I mean I dream about it'' he said

''if you want to forget about it, you have to take time, go out have fun, live ur freaken life'' I said

''I'm suppose to forget it, and I really don't want that option'' he said

''if you want her back, try your best not to screw your life trying to win her back'' I said more with my wisdom which I don't really use hehe =p ''you have the time use it'' I continued

''thats 5 years'' he said counting the years he gonna spend in Australia

''until I can know if she does want me or not'' he continued

''she clearly said no but when you come back again, if she still wants you so be it'' I said

''I dunno the answer'' he said

''lool hehe'' I said

Suddenly 6alool said

''Jood can I have your number so we can talk?'' he said

''sure,'' I gave him and I felt a little weird

Uncle was in the living room watching T.V. and eating something,

''Jood, mu yw3ana? ma taben taklen shay?'' he asked me

''mballa al7en bro7 akel chips wla something'' I said

I went to the kitchen opened the fridge door and got out turky slices with sliced chedder and closed the door then got the brown toast and made me sandwich I got choco milk from the fridge and chips from the closet and got to the living room I sat next to uncle and started eating,

''tara b3d bcher lazzim ana aro7 elma6ar 7g elrada'' he said

he shocked me and I nearly choked,

''OMG!, its too soon, I still can't do it alone uncle stay for a little longer please'' I said

''la2 lazzim t3rfen Jood, entaii ehny mu bs 7g omich, lazzim tet3alemen te3tamden 3la nafsech w ana lel7en sa3adtech wayyed al7en dorech ta5then ms2oleyat nafsech, w ana ra7 a5alelch ma9roof enshalla kafey w etha ng9ech 3a6eny 5bar 3shan adezlech'' he said

''mu 3n elfloos ana shloon b6la3 shloon bdesh ehny mu elkuwait'' I said

''el5oof mwjood ehny oo fe elkuwait ay shay mumken y9eer lech ehny mumken ena y9eer lech fe elkuwait, w etha allah kateb ena b9eer ra7 y9eer luw entaii 3la elgomar'' he said

''bs maded shway 3la ma at3awad b3den ro7'' I said

''entaii geltaii tet3awedan ma ra7 tet3awedan ella 3la wjoodi ena asa3dech eb kel shay b3den Jood bnayti ana 3ndi eltezamat fe elkuwait, w dawam, oo enshalla ehya esbo3en w Rataj btye'' he said

''enshalla'' I said sadly I kept eating my sandwich

Uncle hugged me I felt like nothing just cold, my phone then rang

''oh already?!'' he said smiling

''lol yea thats must be my friend 6alal who is studying here, he said he wanna interduce me to the city and he wanna come with me to visit mom'' I said

''zain etha 3ndch a7d ehny ashwa, y3ni ma ra7 tkon bro7ch all the time, enshalla ra7 ashofa gabel la asafer'' he said

''enshalla'' I said and excused myself to speak on the phone,

''alloo'' I said

''ahlain Jooj, shloonch bnaya?'' 6alal said

''hala wallah ana zaina enta shloonk?'' I said

''ana b5aiir damech b5aiir, btro7en 7g elwalda elyom wla bcher?'' he said

''la enshalla ymkn bcher elyom ma boga fe shay'' I said

''7elow gbal la tro7en 3a6eny 5bar 3shan ayee asalem w at6aman 3leeha'' he said

''enshalla ma tga9er it would be nice and thnxx so much for doing this to me 6alool you are the best wallah'' I said

''walaw ma sawet shay hatha elwajeb'' he said

''oki c u enshalla'' I said

''yea enshalla bye'' he said

I hang up and talked to uncle,

''6alool my friend is coming bcher elmostashfa 7g omi enshalla fa ymkn ra7 tshofa ehnak'' I said

''good a7san shay e5te9ar elsalfa'' he said

''anyways uncle ana bro7 my room tamer 3la shay??'' I said

''la salmtech w te9be7en 3la 5aiir ana bdesh asba7 w bnam'' he said

''allah ysalmek w na3eman'' I said

''yn3am b7alech'' he said

It was almost 10;00pm

I entered my room layed down on my bed and got my bb signed in msn, and Yousef was there, he had his nickname changed to ilMsafr Ra7, my nickname was, I'm Lovin it;*

''hii'' I said

''ahlaiin, zain shbaktay ma be'3tay'' he said

''hehe, shloonk?'' I said

''ana b5aiir, shtegtlech'' he said

''dom enshalla, ana zaina, 7tta ana shtegtlek;$$'' I said

''shloonch? shmsawya bel '3orba?'' he said

''ana b5aiir damek b5air, wallah lel7en ma 7asset bel '3orba 5aley msawey she'3el wayyed bs bred elkuwait b3d yomen w 5ayfa shway'' I said

''3yarah lol'' he said

''lol wallah eldeera wayyed 7elow ma afaker ared bs abbii a7d m3ay'' I said

''enshalla doom mstansa bs lazzim treden'' he said

''hehe enshalla ra7 ared bs lazzim omi t5ale9 3elajha awal'' I said

''shloon omich al7en enshalla a7san'' he said

''el7emdlelah lel7en bs g3den y3rfen shno feha ma bedaw bel 3elaj'' I said

Rawan was talking with me at the same time,

''miss you wifey come back already'' she said

''I miss you more, but seems like I'm not coming baby cuz I'm lovin it lool'' I said

''ma y9eer ra7 treden, wla t3alay e5theny m3ach =p'' she said

''oki yalla al7en adez lech 6ayarty el5a9a =p'' I said

Yousef talked to me again,

''shsawatay ehnak lel7en?'' he said

''re7t super market 3ndhom super markets wayyed oo '3aiir 3nah wayed a7la 7adda kan wanasa'' I said

''ma t7areshaw fech?'' he said

''hehe ehny ma yt7areshon y7lelhom, bs sheft wa7d kan m3ay bel jam3a Kuwaiti salamt 3leeh w solaft m3ah 5ush wa7d'' I said

''oo 6ab3an '3azelch chena awal mara yshof bnaya'' he said

''la2 akeed ma ra7 y'3azlny he is my best friend mn ayam eljam3a ma 3nda hal swalef'' I said

Evo was talking to me too,

''7bebty Jood shtegtlech w shtegt 7g fa9latch metta btreden galbi? w shmsawya ehnak?'' she said

''ya b3d 3omri Evo 7ddy mshtagtlech abbii af9el m3ach miss uu so much, walla ana wayyd mstansa w el7emdlelah kel shay tmam, w taw elnas 3la elrada lel7en mu met2akden'' I said

''yalla el7emdlelah aham shay entaii merta7a denyti w mstansa hatha aham shay'' she said

''7yaatti wallah :*, 3la wanasty elly ehny wallah wla shay lamn akon m3ach;*'' I said
''guess mno beda y'3ar?'' I said as I tell Evo everything and she knows about Yousef

''Yousef??!!'' she said

''ee hehe, sheft 6alool my best friend mn eljam3a, w I mentioned to Yousef eny shefta bshof shegool, a7ess zain ma y6eg tathkerta oo eyii'' I said

''lool y7lelah a7ess Yousef 5ush wa7d, bs la t9eeren 5feefa m3ah theglay shway hehe'' she said

''lool Evo ana thegela t3rfeny =p'' I said

''hehee ee at7arash fech 7yattii adri fech'' she said

I continued talking with Yousef,

''shloon elkuwait bedooni?'' I said

''lol mu shay'' he said

''lesh? =p'' I said

''l2nch mu feha, ,u mnawra'' he said

'';$$$ oh thnxx u, mnawra bwjoodek'' I said

My phone rang..

Monday, 15 November 2010

Part Nine;; il.Msafr Ra7

''hala shba'3et tgool?'' I said

''deeri balech 3la nafsech fe nas ehny tan6erch, w deer balech 3la omich, w allah ygawemha bel salama, la t7aten wayyed w eklay 3adel'' he said

''enshalla ;$$'' I said ''w enta b3d deer balek 3la ro7k w I will be in touch inshalla'' I continued

''enshalla ya b3d 3omri'' he said ''ana asta2then al7en bro7 anam shway ashofech 3la 5aiir'' he continued

Things happened fast, everything was set, we spelled our goodbyes, I went out with my friends as a final goodbye

The first hang out was with family we went to Fridays as that my favorite place to dine in.
The second hand out was with Rawan and her cousin and their friends and we went to her cousin place as it close to ours.
The Third hang out was with college friends Lulu and others
The Forth hang out was with Evoo, her sis and Noora my friend as they all know each other

We got in our flight and we got to US in 20 hours trip, we stopped in Britain and then got to the next flight which went straight to our destination in the US.

As we landed there we got to our reserved hotel room for me, mom and uncle Faisal who've been a great help and came with us by paying his own ticket and will stay for a while then leave to Kuwait after making sure that everything is good and we're fine he did not bring his daughter Rataj with him as he know it would be hard for her to leave back again with him when he really want me to take responsibilities on my own, and told her she can visit later enshalla.

We slept although it was morning time mom was taken to the hospital immediately to start her treatment I stayed the first day at the hotel to sleep and take same rest then to unpack.

@ 4;00pm

''Jood bnayti lel7en ma g3dtaii? wrana she'3l, yalla gomaii'' uncle said

''enshalla 5aley kaney al7en agoom'' I said

I woke up went to the bathroom washed my face, then got back to my room open my bag and changed what I was wearing to something more comfy and I was unpacking I heard a knock in the door I opened and it was uncle Faisal,

''3afya 3la elsha6ra g3da t3adlen'' he said

''hehe ee'' I said

''ana yebtlch 5a6 american 3shan testa5demena, w sharet ley wa7d 3shan ndg 3la elkuwait w n6amenhom'' he said

''mashkoor 5aley, ma tga9er'' I said

''el3afo walaw'' he said

''abbi asha'3el 5edmat elbbm 3leeh shloon?'' I said

''walah ma a3ref benti degay 3lehom se2lehom'' he said

''ee enshalla, metta bnro7 elmostashfa?'' I said

''entai 5la9ay w tzahebay w namshey enshalla'' he said

''enshalla 3n ethnek ana 5al akamel arateb, asa3dek 5aley?'' I said

''la2 ma y7tay mashkora ana ma 3ndy shay oo mu tharoori a6ale3hom mn eljan6a kelaha chum yoom oo bared eldera'' he said

I felt a thrill and fear of being all alone in a foreign country,

I went back to my room and continued unpacking when I finished I had a shower then dried up and changed to a Burberry black dress and my black cross purse, got my hair on a ponytail and went to to my uncle we got out of the hotel and got in a taxi it took us to the hospital were mom was in her bed looked very tired,
I sat next her bed started reading Quran and my tears filled my eyes, the doctor told my uncle that they just had (CT) Computed Tomography scan and an (MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging for mom to diagnose the type of stroke she has, and they had exposed the exact place of the place but they need further tests to find the amount of the brain damage.

I was hearing them talk and each word the doctor spelled was like a hammer on my heart, I could not hear anything no more so I re-focused on the Quran.

''Jood, ma tabeen taklen shay? tara wayhech 7adda a9far ma y9eer etha ma klatay bysde7onch yam omch'' uncle asked

I did not feel hungry at all and apparently I was losing a lot a weight

''yes I need to eat something, nro7 elcafteria?'' I asked

''ee yalla ana yw3an'' he said and giggled

we asked where the cafteria is and got there ate a snack and then we had a walk in the hospital, we talked about everything,

''entaii kentaii teshta'3len Jood 9a7?'' he said

''ee fe el- NBK, bs ste8alt l2na dwmna karf'' I said

''ee dala3 banat'' he said and giggled

I laughed ''la2 ana sha6ra bs t3ab oo omi ma tabeni adawem mt2a5er wla a6awel w ared elbait mshgooga ne9en mn elt3ab'' I said

''enzain shno tsawen ma 8damtai mukan?'' he asked

''mballa 8damt 3la eldewan w an6er el8obol'' I said

''shlon 8damtay re7tay lehom wla bel net?'' he said

''la2 sajalt esmy w ra8mi elmdaney bel net, oo 3a6ony mw3ed ena ayelhom m3a awragey w re7t lehom 3a6et'hom awragy'' I said

''aha 7elow w al7en shlon t3rfen etha 6la3 esmch bs bel jareda?'' he said

''la2 ohma ma36eny ra8m tarteby w esmy ra7 y6la3 bel jareda w ydezon ley msg oo fe elmw8e3 y6la3 b3d'' I said

''niice sh'3elhom tmam'' he said

''ee bs 6awelaw bardeeenn'' I said

''allah kareem'' he said ''ana bro7 elsuper market ashtery swalef taben tyen m3ay wla tg3den wla treden elfende8?'' he continued

''la 5al ayee m3ak ymkn a'3ayer jaw shwaya'' I said

''ee zain yallah'' he said

we got out of the hospital got in a taxi and went to one of their awesome huge nearest super market in the area.

we entered each went in a way, I went looking at the delicious stuff they got and then went to the clothing area where I found comfy wearings to go out or just to stay at home as PJs and other things.

I then approached the cashier to ask about the company that my cell line work for and how can I contact them and have my bbm back to life, she helped me calling them and I followed the steps they asked me to do, few minutes and I was back to contact my friends on bbm and msn.

I changed my status to USA Baby;* hehe, although I was there for mom but I can't deny that I'm happy in this place its so bright and freedom is very where, as I was bbming and walking in the big super market I bumped into a guy, I raised my head to see,

''oh sorry'' I said took a glance and looked back down to pick the guy stuff when I heard

''Jood?'' he said

I froze latterly I felt very scared, the voice was kinda familiar though but could not attach it to anybody I know

''Jood is that you?'' he said again

''yes'' I said in a shaky voice and looked up, with I'm trying to figure who you are look

It was 6alal, my best friend in college, but we lost touch when he decided to travel to the US continue his further study and I don't know why he did not try to contact me,

''ma 3rafteny?'' he said

''6alool? OMG! am I dreaming?'' I said

''lol no hows you? its so good to see you'' he said and he hugged me so tight I could smell him and he smiled so good

''I'm good, hows you? how have you been yal ga6e3?'' I said and gave him a look

''wallah '3a9ban 3lay w 7awalt a36ech 5bar wla contact you bs as you know I'm not a msn guy'' he said and thats so right

''w I bought new phone with new line from here as I did not get my phone mn elq8 so ma 3ndy anybody number except for family'' he said

''oh oki, so how is life here? how is your studies?'' I said as we started walking in the super market together

''wallah wanasa w elderasa zaina bs thegat 5elg shway cuz I miss life back in Kuwait even though there is almost no life at all there but you people all live there'' he said and giggled

''hehe, yea I know exactly how you feel'' I said

''so you here in a vacation?'' he said

''no, mom b3eed elshar 3nk she had a stroke and I'm a murafe8 with her and uncle Faisal came along to help me survive'' I said

''oh I'm so sorry, wallah ma tshof shar w tgoom bel salama enshalla'' he said

''allah ysalmek, and its oki enshalla she will recover soon'' I said and smiled

my phone rang it was uncle calling,

''hala 5aly,'' I said

''wench e5tefaty? 5la9tay wla b3d?'' he said

''ana mwjooda leget a friend of mine here so g3da asalem 3leeh al7een a7aseb oo ayee'' I said

''oki, I'll go get a taxi ready 3la ma t5al9en'' he said

''oki bye'' I said

''so you are leaving now?'' 6alool said

''yea I have to t2a5art 3la 5aly maskeen'' I said and giggled

''too bad ma sheb3na mench'' he said

''hehe 7tta ana ma sheba3t menk, and hope to see you again soon enshalla'' I said

''enshalla, lemme give you my bbpin'' he said and I added him

''cool'' I said ''so I guess I'll be seeing a lot of you'' I said

''ee enshalla oo I'll visit your mom enshalla'' he said

''oki thnxx yalla bye'' I said and left

It was very nice to see 6alool he is the best I like him so much my best friend ever been there for me through a lot and I've been there too, this is gonna be exciting after all hehe.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Part Eight;; Deny, Accept and Move With it

''Mno?'' I said

''ana 3zooz, 9ar ley sa3a a6eg 3leech elbab oo daget lamn gelt bs, yalla badlay bnro7 7g omi'' he said

''oh, sorry kent 7a6eta 9amt, yalla al7en abadel'' I said

I got up washed my face and got a rolling stone shirt with a jeans and got out of my room they were waiting for me, we left to the hospital.

Got there and uncle Faisal was there as well, he just arrived as we did and got a bag with him as I assume those are mom medications, Rataj my cousin was with him we got in the hospital and exchanged formalities I hugged Rataj so much as she had tears in her eyes more than me that moment, I did not want to cry and I felt a little cold and still in denial, I felt like I'm still in a bad dream and I'm gonna wake up any minute.

Uncle Faisal approached the reception and asked about patient Muneera Al.M, they gave him the room number, and he asked about doctor Jassim he need to discuss with him my mom condition and take her papers and give it to doctor 9ala7 whom my uncle knows and then he would take care of everything, uncle then told us which room she is and excused himself to go to the doctor, and we left to see her.

we got to moms room (with flowers and chocolate of course), mom was up but looked very tired, we approached and said,

''elsalam'' everybody said

''w 3laykom elsalam'' mom said

I could not hold my tears inside anymore they rolled down on my face, mom saw me and said,

''t3alay Jood bnytay, t3alay blemch 7bebty''

I hugged her and kept on crying on her shoulder, she was trying to make me feel better but nothing could stop me my sisters came closer crying too my cuzin Rataj was crying as well as she is very sensitive 3zooz was standing

''mama bg3ad 3ndch elyom, mabi aro7 elbait, wla mu shay bdonch'' I said

''ee namay 3ndy 7bebty, fgadtkom wallah g3dt ma ashof ro7y ella bel mustashfa zain yetaw g3daw 3ndy'' she said

uncle Faisal came with the doctor

''elsalam 3leekom e5ty shloonch al7en? bashreny enshalla 7assa a7san?'' uncle said

''el7emdlelah bs lel7en t3bana'' she said

''enshalla mako ella el3afya, 5ra3tena 3leech w 6ela3tay 3yara'' uncle said and giggled

''mako ella kel 5aiir'' he continued

he talked to the doctor and us explaining the condition to us and what is gonna happen in the next coming days

''ana abbi ag3ad m3aha elyom 5aley bnam 3ndaha'' I said

''ana b3d bg3ad bnam 3ndaha mabi ared elbaiit'' Malak said

''ana b3d ma y9eer t5aloni bro7y'' Shoug said

''lazzim w7da mnkom 3la a8al tred m3ay elbaiit 3shan nzaheb laha mlabes w tjabel elbaiit shwaya, adri kelkom tabon tg3edon 7tta ana bs ma y9eer'' 3zooz said

''9a7 klam 3ziiz oo b3den Jood 7bebty entaii enshalla btsafren m3aha w btg3den m3aha fa shrayech t5alenhom w treden elbaiit el-lail tzahben awrag omich jwazha w a'3rath'hom w a'3rathech entaii b3d 3shan nwadi awragha bara'' uncle said

''3adel oki 3yal ana ared elyom m3ak 3zooz azaheb kel shay'' I said

we stayed with mom until midnight then uncle Faisal left with Rataj, and I with 3zooz said bye to mom and left back home

As soon as I got home I went to moms little locker where she keeps our valuable things and passports I got them ready next to some papers uncle asked for, I then got mom a bag of clothes and stuff she might need, and got to my room got my suite case ready with things I might need and while I'm in such a mess I felt like I forgot about something, I layed down on bed started thinking and bang I remembered I've forgot all about Yousef I have not talked with him for such a long time, I went online from my BB, he was not there, I layed back in bed thinking Dammit then went in deep sleep.

I woke up on my phone ringing, I picked it up to check who's calling took sometime to open my eyes, it was uncle Faisal,

''elsalam 3leekom'' I said

''w 3laykom elsalam shloonch Jood? sh5barech?'' uncle said

''el7emdlelah b5aiir, ana zahabt kel shay taby w zahabt jan6ety ana weya omi w kel shay ne7taja'' I said

''zain sawatay ana shway w amorkom a5eth mench kel shay 3shan n5ale9 kel shay w enshalla 5lal chum yom kel shay zaheb w nro7'' uncle said

''enshalla'' I said

It was 2;14pm I got up washed my face and wore a jeans with a my bagy shirt and lifted my hair up in a loose bun, got my lablob back to my room I signed in no one online as usual I played some music as I was putting on some make up and checking if I got everything ready I played Gavin DeGraw - Belief in the iTunes.

Uncle arrived shortly I switched my lablob off and got out the stuff all out of home with uncle help and got them in his car.
I got online from my BB and BC'ed in my bbm about moms condition asking for my friends prays, and told them all about me leaving to the US pretty soon and I will stay for a month or so with mom until she gets better and we come back then.

We got to the hospital I went start to moms room saw my sisters and mom sleeping I got in a chair waiting for my uncle who went to the doctor.
@ 4;14pm Yousef signed in,

''elsalam'' he said

''w 3laykom elsalam'' I said

''shlonch?'' he said

''tmam zaina'' I said

''wench ams? ma kan lech 7ess kelsh, fech shay?'' he said apparently he was worried

''omi bel mostashfa'' I said and my tears started running again

''shfeeha? 3ssa ma shar?'' he said

''she had a stroke awal ams and now ehya bel mostashfa until her papers get ready oo tsafer america to get better treatment'' I said

''el7emdlelah 3la kel 7al ma tshof shar tgoom bel salama enshalla'' he said

''allah ysalmek, ana ra7 asafer m3aha'' I said

''9ejj? mako a7d '3eerch yro7? fe a7d bro7 m3akom?'' he said

''ana ra7 akon murafe8 m3aha oo ymkn 5aley eyii'' I said

''tro7en w treden bel salama 7yaatti la tethaygen 3omrech'' he said

''allah ysalmek, I can't help but cry and I haven't ate anything for todays and I can't get hungry'' I said

''7ram 3leech Jood 7bebty ma y9eer tsawen chethe b3omrch 9ejj ena omich t3bana w shay ythayeg el5elg bs mu me3nata tahmlen nafsech mu zain, entai ma taben t6e7en m3aha'' he said

''mu beddii wallah, ma 3ndy shaheya mu leya, w t3abt w ana a7aty w abchey'' I said

''bs lazzim tehtamen eb nafsech eklelch shay bs 3shan la t6e7en 3la a8al kakaw wla shay'' he said

''enshalla I will'' I said

''ra7 tashbeken mn ehnak'' he said

''ee enshalla ra7 a5th my phone m3ay oo a7awel a5aley shabek 3la 6ool'' I said

''ee ashwa, ra7 ashtaglech wayyd 9ra7a'' he said

I felt my heart came from a long trip, missed me so much and just started beating again like it was trying to explain how much its happy to come back home

''ana b3d ;$$'' I said and smiled

''allah y5alech ley enshalla'' he said

''enshalla ;$$'' I said

''Jood bgolech shay'' Yousef said

Friday, 12 November 2010

Part Seven;; You're Missing

Joodie showed Yousef a picture of a girl in Facebook, as this girl thinks shes a beauty queen she really looks very scary and ugly,

''wow mno hal cake'' he said

''hathi 7bebtk elydeeda'' I said

''lol hathi kuwaitia?'' he said

''ma adri maybe, ehya 3aysha fe elkuwait, bs shsalft'ha ma adri wallah'' I said

''lool fe wa7d ygool laha sh7latech'' he said

''ana kent thayft'ha gabel 3la elbbm, nafseya w shayfa ro7ha ma adri 3la shno'' I said

''lol la jmal wla a5la8'' he said

''ee belthab6'' I said

''bs shefayefha 7elwen, ma yabelehom taf5'' he said

''ee bs mu 7elween =s'' I said

''oo 5ashemha 7eloow b3d'' he said

''enta 7abet'ha? =O'' I said

''ee wayydd wayyd =$'' he said

''loooool =O'' I said

''la bs ma el7ub ella lel 7abeeb elawali'' he said

''lool 7abeet mn gabel?'' I said

''ee Jood Samer'' he said

** Joodie Facebook Profile in Facebook is ''Jood S'' thats why he said Jood Samer **

''chum 3omrha?'' I said, knowing he meant me but did not know my dads name so I acted like a fool

''ma t3rfen Jood Samer?'' he said

''la2, mno hathi? shtbee3?'' I said

''Jood S= Jood Samer =p'' he said

''Jood S= Jood Suliman (H)'' I said

''y3ni mu samer?'' he said

''la2, lel2saf'' I said

''lol'' he said

''meta kant awal zegara da5nteha?'' he said suddenly

''I was 17, w la3at chabdey menha e5tangt w 7asset ro7y bte6la3'' I said, back to honesty problem

''lol el7emdlelah'' he said ''zain w elshesha?'' he continued

''m7d shesha'' I said

''w awal shab kalamty?'' he said

''yom kan 3omri 18, kan weld jerana, thefta bel msn, b3den kalmta fone kent mstansa awal mara asma3 9oot rayal w 7abeetta bs m3a elwagt 7asseta ma yswa'' I said

''dayman awal tajroba '3eer'' he said

''ee ana kent 3baley hatha el7ub'' I said

''lool ee 3adi elbara2a w ma tsawii'' he said

'';$$'' I blushed

''oki 3la el3mom ana lazzim amshey al7en bcher wray dwam tamren 3la shay?'' he said

''la salmtek w noom el3waffii'' I said

''allah ysalmech w y3afech yalla bye'' he said

''bye'' I said

he signed out and I did too as there was no reason for me to stay up. I went to bed and fall asleep

I woke up Saturday morning 11;00am, on 3zooz voice he was yelling at someone and calling mom in kinda loud tone which was weird mom is not very far from his room, there got to be something wrong, I got out of my room and went to mom room and saw mom laying on the floor and 3zooz was trying to wake her up, I was so shocked and hurried to mom panicking and felt tears rolling down on my face

''3zooz shfeeha omi?'' I said

''ma adri la t5ar3eny al7en bwadeha elmustashfa shway tba6el 3enha w t7arek 7aljha bs tred t'3ameth w jesmha yarjef shway'' he said

''yalla ana b3d baye m3ak elmostashfa bs 5al abadel'' I said

''ee yalla bser3a badlay 3shan tamsekenha bel sayara'' he said

I went to my room got a short and a Lacoste Polo shirt and wore my crocs and went to mom room 3zooz called Tena and they got mom to the car, we got inside 3zooz Yukon I sat in the back seat holding mom and crying and praying for her and 3zooz drove to elmostashfa.

They examined her made a full body scan, and had a sonar for her brain and there where they saw something

Uncle Faisel came to the hospital as 3ziiz and Jood called him, he is an engineer and he may help

The doctor who was doing the examination on their mom came with the bad news and he gave it to them straight,

''elsalam 3lekom'' Doctor Jassim as he entered the room they were waiting in

''w3alykom elsalam'' everybody said

''shfeeha doctor sh9ar?'' uncle Faisal said

''3assa ma shar doctor'' 3ziiz said

''lel2saf ekteshfna feha skta dema'3ya'' The doctor said

''what? doctor are you positive?'' I said

''sadly it is true,'' Doctor said

I sat down crying I did not want to belong to this reality right now I tried to comprehend and adjust with this new fact, but it was so hard to swallow and accept, I was clearly not with them as they were asking and trying to find a solution and I was way behind in the shocked moment

''enzain doctor shno 3elajha? fe laha 3elaj ehny wla nwadeha bara?'' uncle Faisal said

''fe 3elaj ehny bs ma an9a7 fe as there is no professionals for this disease here na9e7a la t5aleha ehny yl3ebon feha eldoctors luw twadonha bara a7san laha US or UK'' the doctor said

''ee 5ush, ana a3ref Doctor 9la7 etha t3rfa 9adee8 ley oo ohwa elly ra7 awa9ey 3la awragha 3shan yb3th'hom bara as soon as possible and we take her to what he say is best for her enshalla, shokran doctor, ngder nzorha 7aleyan?'' uncle Faisal said

''ehya 7aleyan nayma w t7t el3naya etha tabon luw tyon fe el-lail ow bcher a7san, bs hathi elwrega feha list of the medication elly lazzim tyebonhom mn el9aydaleya 3shan ta5eth'hom al7en, you have to buy them'' the doctor said

''5ush, nsta2then e7na al7en, shokran doctor'' uncle Faisal said

The doctor left and 3ziiz sat next to me, and uncle Faisal sat on the other side,

''ena lelah w ena elayhi raje3on, la tabchen ya benty hatha 8tha2 allah w 8darah w enshalla e7na bnwadeha bara n3alejha, te6amenay enshalla ma feha ella el3afya, t'3adataw entaw wla b3d'' he said

''not hungry'' I said

''la 5aley akramk allah mu ywa3a oo 3ndna b3d elbnat bel bait g3den y7aton ma gelna lehom shay'' 3ziiz said

''ma y9eer chethe ana 7esbat obukom allah yer7oma ana al7en 3azemkom tredoni, yalla emshaw nakel lenna shay ana twni 6ale3 mn eldwam mu makel shay, w entaw la ytheg 5elgkom ana adri enha elsha'3la chayda w hathi e5ty tara a5af 3leha akther mnkom, w 3ndi 9a7bey ana doctor bwa9ey 3leeha enshalla w ra7 nwadeha bara wayyed a7san mn ehny methal ma gal eldoctor, yalla gomaw'' uncle Faisal said

shlon ared elbait ma ashof omi? ma alemha? ma atehawash m3aha? ma tzefny? those all questions were in my head could not confess them but I managed to say something,

''5aly ana ma abbi a6la3 mn elmostashfa abbi an6erha lmn t6la3 mn el3enya wla ysmo7on lena bel zyara ma agder ared elbait ma ashofha'' I said

''la2 ma y9eer bnayti emshay m3ay elbait oo w ana ared ayebch elm'3arb'' uncle said

''la2 ma abbi akalef 3leek bs ana 5ayfa y9eer feha shay oo ana mu yamha wla taby shay wla taby tkalem a7d'' I said

''mustashfa kbeer 7bebty oo etha btkalemkom ra7 edg oo e7na enshalla bnred elm'3arb'' uncle said

''e7na msawen '3ada bel baiit 5aley 7yaak, elbnat b3d bel bait yan6erona fa lazzim nred'' 3ziiz said

''3la ra7tkom tbon tyon m3ay wla tredon elbaiit kefkom bs ana lazzim b3d ared elbaiit g3den yn6eroni 3la el'3ada'' uncle said

''oki, 3yal benna telephone etha 9ar shay nkalmk ow ta36ena 5bar'' 3ziiz said

''enshalla, yalla bel salama enshalla w 56akom elsou'' uncle said

''56ak el-lash'' me and 3ziiz said

Uncle Faisal left to his car and drove away to home, me and 3ziiz got in the car and I played a song on the iPod attached to the AUX Bruce Springsteen - You're Missing

We got home 3ziiz went and had a talk with the girls about moms condition while I did not want to talk to anyone went back to my room, got to my bathroom and I had a shower went back to my room dried up and then layed on my bed thinking about everything and whats would happen I fell asleep.

I woke up by knockings on my door they were so hard I thought the door was getting attacked,

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Part Six;; Those Sweet Words

No worries no one died, but Jood fell asleep bel 9allah while she is mjabla the msn, Yousef was calling for her but she did not reply.
She woke up @ 5;00am and realized shes sleeping uncomfortably so she locked her msn and went to bed.
@ noon time she woke up 1;30, Jood got up and freshed up then talked to mom,

''mama, elyom 3gob elmamsha bro7 m3a Danosh avenues, oki?'' I said

''la2, Danosh e6awel, ma lah da3ey tredon mt2a5er la tro7en'' she said

''Oki'' I said

''b3den '3ayray ur style tara 9ayra 9abyak, kela blousat oo jeans'' she said

''okiiiiiii'' I said and a million question mark was on my head

I went to my lablob, I saw some last night msgs as I was listening to music on my iTunes, I was listening to Katy Perry - Teenage Dream it was a nice song although I'm so found by Katy Perry, The msgs were from Yousef and I felt my heart skipped beats while I was reading the msgs as it hurt me to ignore him but it wasn't my choice to leave him out, he said


''Jood, you there?''

''ya bnaya wench e5tefatay?''

''3la el3mom ana ast2then bro7 anam, akalmch bcher''


so I sent him an offline msgs replying to his,

''hey, I'm sorry nemt ams faj2a, bel 9allah, kent 7addi t3bana w nemt w ana ma adri 3n ro7i, w gomt elfayer re7t nemt fe frashy, w twni ashof enk mkalemni''

I kept chatting in my bbm for a while with my friend 3bood who currently live in stupid Australia as me and Rawan call it that cause we miss him so much he is such a nerd, a geek but fun to hang out with, you can latterly forget about the world with him, he talks so much about everything he can explain anything you want and whenever I'm down I talk with him and I feel better not because I told him what was bothering me and I let it out, I don't even tell him he just start talking about anything you want in the world or whats in his mind.

Anyways he was complaining about lots of stuff in Australia first it was food,

''hey, is shark meat 7alal to eat?'' he asked, and look who he is asking

''by the way they have a restaurant here which serves this delicious meal, its contain fish and fries, and the fish is shark meat'' he said

''so do you know if its 7alal or not?'' he continued, like seriously me?

''yea it is 7alal, I think cause its fish, is it really delicious?'' I said, clueless much?

''yea its awesome you should try it,'' he said

''you sure its 7alal?, I mean its shark'' he continued

''seriously? I dunno, but I guess it is wait I'll ask'' I said

and he sent a broadcast msg about shark meat is it 7alal or not and I guess the majority agreed with my stupid answer

I then asked my cousin Rataj who was online about it, and she said no its 7ram, so I went back to 3bood and told him what I found out,

''3boooooooooooooodd!!!!!!!, its 7raaaaamm =O'' I said

''oh, lesh?? sh9ar tawech tgolen 7alal?'' he said

''3bood look who you were asking first =p, second I asked my cousin she said its 7ram and shes positive'' I said

''uhh, no but its yummy why can't it be 7alal, says who its not 7alal, since when?'' he said
I wonder does he really care if its 7alal or 7ram or does he just want it anyways

''bs its oki when you ate it you did not know about it if its 7alal or 7ram so its no biggy'' I said

''yea bs now I can't eat it anymore'' he said

''its oki, you can eat other stuff =p'' I said

''6la3 akel sharks (6)'' he said

''hehe, you monster'' I said

''there is a russian gurl today in my class gave me her BB and asked me to add myself'' he said

''and?'' I asked excited cause he is shy with the girls and can't get over the past

''and what?'' he said

''you don't wanna talk to her?'' I said

''no why should I talk to her?'' he said, uh, dumb 3bood

''she asked you to, be friends why not? =p'' I said

''I dunno, I don't talk to her'' he said

''why?'' I asked

''I'm shy with the girls I don't know from before'' he said

''you are not social'' I said

''not with girls, or anyone easily'' he said

''oki just try to do it with her as a test'' I said

''I tried to talk with girls in the net'' he said

''not bel net, you are in Australia, internet there is for losers'' I said

''I'm formal and I need specific type of girls and wait until I get my good body back'' he said

''lool shako'' I said

''so I can have a green light =p'' he said

''you should trust yourself'' I said, cause seriously he is good not bad at all

''abbi w7da m3ay fe el-Uni, abbi someone smart and talk deep in science as me'' he said

''yea nerdie girl'' I said

''girls in uni don't talk to me but when I talk to them they say wow you r nice'' he said

''lool so talk dammit =@'' I said

''naah =@'' he said

''kefk=p'' I said

I bother myself too much with 3bood I seriously feel like I'm pushing so much and he ask for my advice but never do anything with it what a moody nerd

Mom slept and Lulu called she said

''get ready I'll be on my way in minutes'' she said

''oki, enshalla c u'' I said

''bye'' she said

I got up went to my room opened my closet I seriously I did not know what to wear,
I thought first I should wear my stripes blouse and a sweat pants then I changed I wanted to wear something else as that looked a little fancy for just walking, then I changed to wear my white deer&dear shirt with a red sweat pants, but I finally decided on the gray sweat pants and the purple 8ame9 as I was in the mood to wear a 8ame9 with the sleeves lifted up,
soon as I just finished lulu was at the door so I hurried to wear my shoes and got out

We went to our usual spot and started walking, and in the way to elmarkaz el3elmy we saw lots of people there it was crowded today cause its Friday and there was a lot of foreigns

we made the walk until the end of elmarkaz el3elmy then went back to where we started, got in our car then left. we had dinner from mc and she dropped me back home I was exhausted, and felt dirty, had a shower then dried myself up.

When I got home it was already 9;00pm, when I was done showering and stuff it was 10;00pm,
I signed and Yousef was online as usual cause he sign in 4;15pm when he get back from work talk for a while then goes to sleep then he come back online @ 10;00pm when he had just woke up, but its Friday so he must been online for a while,

''msa2 el5air'' he said

''msa2 elnoor'' I said

''shlonch?'' he said

''tmam, elyom 7addddddddyyyy sa3eeda'' I said

''9ej? 3sa doom, shely mwansech?'' he said

''I woke up singing, then I took pix of ma self ;D'' I said

''lool 9art nafsetch a7san y3ni?'' he said

''ee el7emdlelah oo kalet 3 marat'' I said

''lol mafjo3a'' he said

''hani w 3afya'' he continued

''lol y3afeek'' I said

''omi tgool stylech 9abyak =p, ma adri lesh ;/'' I said ''ana ma 3ndi style mo3yan oo wayyed a'3ayer'' I continued

''stylech bel lebs?'' he asked

''yes'' I said

''lesh shno talbesen'' he asked

''3la 7sab, nafanef or trainings etha mali 5elg oo s3at leggings oo 8om9an'' I said

''7elow'' he said

''eeeee, omi shakelha tabeni a9eer fa93a =p'' I said

''uff, lesh shtabech talbesen?'' he said

''ma adri ma galt ley, m3a ena style el9abyak elmfroth y3jebha, l2nha tabeni msatera'' I said

''wallah style elboys 9ar fe fe9a3a w tfe9e5 akther mn elbnat'' he said

''ee lol, ana a7b el-tshirt w eltraining arya7 shay'' I said

''lol, ma t7eben elshbab b3d 9a7?'' he said

''ha? ma fehamt =p'' I said, I was seriously not getting wat he just said

''lol 3yartech'' he said, when I really did not get what he said

''wallah ma fehamt, este3aby ba6ee2, lol'' I said

''enta tgolen t7eben talbesen elt-shirt w eltraining gelt ma t7eben elshbab b3d'' he said

''loool la2 =O'' I said

''lol at'3ashmer baba'' he said

''a7essek 3emla8, chum 6olek? =p'' I said breaking the silence

''la wen ana th3yfon, 6oley 170 oo wazney 60, ,u 7elow 9a7?'' he said

''lol ma adri bs enta a6wal mni'' I said

''elbnat y7ebon elrayal elmatros'' he said

''ana a7es elrayal el3a9agel mu rayal 9ra7a'' I said, can u be more honest =P

''adri fekom t7ebon el3thalat'' he said

''lool, taby t5tere3'' I said

''ee abbi a5tre3'' he said