Friday, 29 October 2010

Ice Age

Suddenly being shocked is not so shocking anymore, the element of the surprise died and the impossible is the regular now. Time is freezing down as everything seems to be slowing down and moving in slow motion, and having lots of stops and pauses.

To Think outside the box now is not so unique, also being different is a similarity. The news are oldies, the updates are past tense and moving forward is more like going back. Exposing is a boring old fashion bed time story, as stories are already told and well known by everybody.

The best is the worse and vise versa. How did we get to here? Things were too fast we did not see the stop sign and did not know that this journey would ever know a stop, however there is a solution for this and soon there will be a meltdown as there is for everything, and because we went beyond the impossible there is nothing we know called hard or difficult so we can go through this and fix it as we meant to be here to build, destroy and restructure everything not perfectly but better base and more new features, not flawless but its a progress.

We should go back to the time when things were just normal, fast and exciting, and restore the thrill of surviving daily actions wither its against the typical or the law. We can use those to shock us back to life and make this ship of lost hopes and dreams sail again wondering when will it sink or when will we get to the shore and getting to a new destination with new destiny.

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