Saturday, 6 November 2010

Part Two;; Differentiating Love From Passion

I woke up this Monday morning by my phone ringing, I picked it up with one eye opened I was surprised that mom was calling me this early, so I called out maid Tena to bring home telephone and I re-called her,

"elsalam 3leekom" I said

''halla Jood, nayma? wla ga3da?'' mom said

''la twa g3dt'' I said

''weii asfa 7bebty g3dtch, bs b'3etch tes2len Tena sawat sala6a'' mom said

''la 3adi mama, wait i'll call her'' I said

I called out to tena and asked her,

''tena did you prepare salad for madam?'' I said

''yes, its ready'' tena said

''yuma ilsalad zahba'' i talked to mom on the phone again

''ok, mashkora yalla bye'' mom said

''el3afo, bye'' i said

I checked my phone to see what time is it and it was 1;30pm I wondered how come mom still not home yet, and the fact she called means she is not even close.
I got up fixed myself, washed my face and brushed my teeth then went and put on a PJ, went to the kitchen got something to eat, I took my food on a tray and went to the living room setting next to my lablob and I checked my facebook and stupid quiet msn.

I was listening to Britney Spears "Radar" on the iTunes, editing some of my pictures for fun and eating my breakfast.
30 minutes and 3zooz was in with shoug, each went to his/her room they changed and had their lunch, 30 minutes later mom walked in she salemat then called Tena to get her lunch and tea ready in her room.
3zooz came out to the 9allah and sat with me he was watching zwarat 5ammes, Shoug had her meal in her room, and probably as always got online, checking her facebook, emails and chatting in msn

@ 3;00om my friend Lulu called,

"hey, lulu'' I said

''halla Jood, shrayech nro7 namshey b3d shway bel markaz el3elmy" lulu said

''yea sure, got nothing to do I'm bored and could use a little training'' I said

''ok good we can go to avenues afterward too if you want'' she said

''yaay sure, when are we goin?'' I said

''now get ready 3shan nro7 elmarkaz el3elmy awal b3den age6ch ta5then shower w tbadlen w ared a5thch nro7 elavenues'' Lulu said

''yea oki cya'' i said

''cya bye'' she said

I signed out and switched my iTunes to pause and locked my lablob, got up to my room, opened my closet and got out a gray sweatpants with a white shirt and wore my socks and my shoes, I got my iPod and had it on shuffle I was listening to Lady GaGa "Bad Romance" and changing and kept it until Lulu called and I got out and took the iPod on pause and got in the car,

''Hello,'' I said

''hey, look were goin to the saloon first then we go to elmarkaz el3elmy oki?'' she said

''Oki, sure'' I said

We went to the saloon first cause she needed to get a facial, we did not stay there for long, we then left to elmarkaz el3elmy, we walked somewhere before elmarkaz el3elmy, when we started walking we were checking people out and making some comments, we saw a woman in her mid 20's or beginning of her 30's having a full make up in her face and wearing a sweatpants and a shirt and she was walking pass us, we saw people dating, skinny girls, and of course guys in the jetski, this was the funniest as one of the guys seemed very excited to drive through the bay back and fourth until he dropped it was hilarious I cracked laughing.

When the sun came down, we decided it was time to leave, we got some ice-cream and she dropped me home to have a shower and change, I entered home salamt 3la elmwjoden then went to moms room salamt 3leeha and took permission to go out with lulu to the avenues,

''mama I'm taking a shower b3den Lulu btmorni bnro7 avenues oki?" I said

''oki bs la t6awloon'' mom said

''enshalla mama'' I said

then excused myself to the bathroom.
I got out if the shower and went to my closet I got me a short baby pink dress with a a black ribbon in the waist it was three quarters sleeves, I got my hair in a ponytail with black hairband and black high-heals.

Lulu came and picked me up, and went straight to avenues, we had a good time shopping then we went to get pinkberry.
She met there an old friend Ali he was with his friend Ibrahim,

''oh, hey Ali, what a nice surprise'' Lulu said

''ahlain Lulu, shlonch?'' Ali said

''Tmam, This is my friend Joodie'' She said introducing me

''hii, nice to meet you'' I said

''nice to meet you too joodie, this is my friend Ibrahim'' Ali said

''Nice to meet you Ibrahim'' Me and lulu said

''tsharafna'' Ibrahim said

''ana 3azmetkom all 3la pinkberry for this nice coincident'' Lulu said

''la ma y9eer 3eeb, ana 3azmkom all, oo I insist'' Ali said

we laughed and accepted the invitation, we did not stay with them cause it was starting to get late and I have to go home, we walked back to the car talking about ali and how cute he was but such a white guy.

She dropped me home and then she left to her home.
I got to my room changed my clothes to something more comfy and went to my lablob I signed in and found Yousef was online, he started a conversation,

''Msa2 el5aiiir'' Yousef said

''Msa2 elnoor'' I said

''shlonch cute?'' he asked making fun of my email "miss-cute**"

''hehe, tmam enta shlonk??'' I blushed

''tmam wallah'' he said

''doom enshalla'' I said

''ajma3en, entaii men wen mt5arja?'' he asked

''ACK'' I answered

''ee 7elow, shno t5a9o9ch?'' he asked

''Marketing, taswe8'' I said

''8damtay your C.V. ay mukan?'' he said

''ee 8damt, bs 8damt 3la eldewan b3d oo omi tgoli 5alech na6ra eldewan a7san'' I said

''ma9erech ebtawathefen,'' he said

''enshalla allah ysma3 menk enshalla soon zhagt men elbaiit'' I said

''ee my5alef bs ms2alat wagt w eldewan y6awlon el5a9 bser3a'' he said

''ee tell me about it'' I said

Then he asked about my day and I explained what I went through of fun today and laughed together about it and I mentioned the guy on the jetski I could not forget about that guy.
@ 1;00pm he excused himself to go to bed as he has work in the morning and I went to bed as well, I was thinking about Yousef and how he came in my life suddenly and how he is such a nice guy and I enjoy talking with him a lot in msn our friendship developed very quickly, I had a long day so I slept exhausted of fun.

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