Saturday, 6 November 2010

Part Three;; Interested in Knowing Less

Tuesday Morning passed me as I was still in bed sleeping. Today I did not wake up until it was noon, everybody failed to wake me up, I wondered was I that tired. I checked my phone and I had 1 Misscall from Lulu, a mess of BBms a lot of Broadcasts, and people calling my name, I felt like an important person. I got of bed and went to the bathroom, finished then got to the kitchen my casual routine, had my lunch then I talked to my bestie Eva,

''9ba7 el5aiir Evo Galeb'' I said

''9ba7 elnoor 7bebtii'' She said

''sorry 7bebty elfayer kent nayma ams nemt mbcher 3shan chethe ma radet 3leech'' I was explaining my delay

''its oki 7yaattii bs kent mthayga oo kan wedi akalmch'' she said

I got concern and hated the fact I was n't there for Eva I love her shes the best

''what? sh9ayer 7bebty? shfech? mno mza3lech?'' I said

''Mako bs yadii bel mostashfa, oo wayyed t3ban g3da a7aty'' she said

''ya 3omri wallah, ygoom bel salama enshalla'' I said sad

she asked me then ''what are you goin to do today?''

''same thing I did yesterday'' I said then thought of making her laugh to get her mind off worrying

''tryin to take over the world (6)'' I continued

she cracked laughing ''I wanna do that with you Jood lool'' she said

''yes pinky and the brain, lets do it hehe'' I said and could not help but laugh

she captured out convo and posted it in facebook and her dp it was so cool and funny

then I remembered Lulu who called me when I was sleeping so I gave her a call she picked up after 2 rings

''hey, Jood'' she said

''ahlain lulu, shlonch 7bebti??'' I said

''I'm fine, guess who asked about you?'' she said and giggled

''who did?'' I asked trying to figure out who would and smiling

''ali, hehe, I was surprised, he likes you and he want to see you again'' she said

I laughed out of shock as we did not even have a conversation

''is he serious?, why? when?'' I said not liking it

''I dunno he said you can come with Jood, and I come with my friend Inrahim and go somewhere for lunch or dinner'' she said

''haha and you gonna be with ugly fat Ibrahim, while I set with the white guy'' I said

''chub, noway I'm not going'' she said

''I'm sure not, what a self confident he got there'' I said

''Yea I'll inform him'' she said

''are we 6al3en elyom?'' I said

''yup, get ready, I'll be on my way, Cya'' She said

''Oki, Cya'' I said

I went back to my room and got out a red training pants from oysho I love it, with an Ed Hardy shirt, I let my hair down, and I got out and went to el9allah, talking with rawan in bbm, she was telling me about a guy she knows since ever and he confessed he is in love with her, was happy but feeling guilty, cause she has a BF, who was neglecting her so much, I was giving her tips about how she should not act blue as I don't think I would feel guilty if someone confessed he/she loves me, suddenly Lulu called,

''hey, I'm outside, yalla t3alay'' she said

''kaney yaya bye'' I said

I got out and got in her car, and she drove off to elmarkaz el3elmy, the weather there was so amazing, it was breezy.

Lulu was having a hard time with her BF, and was thinking about leaving him and she was talking about it as we were walking,

''I think I'm gonna leave na9er'' she said

''really? why?'' I said as I thought they were in love

''well, he is careless, he don't ask about me, ma yadri 3ny w ma ybayen ley what does he feel for me instead he yells a lot'' she said

''oh, that shameful and bad for him, I thought you guys clicked together'' I said

''I thought too honestly, but he is getting further away from me'' She said

I felt sad ''he said he wanna marry you right, and that he planned everything'' I said

''yup, but how could I marry someone I'm not sure how he really feel for me, and I'm not sure if he really want to marry me or that another lie, plus he makes big deals of small stuff which is not worth to fight about'' she said

''thats stupid, plus to be honest, I felt he is nothing but a big fat lier, the tattoo thingy, I still have a hard time believing that'' I said

''yea thats too next to lots of things, I'm breaking up with him and thats final'' she said

''good anything to make you happy baby'' I said

we had fun walking and lulu was imitating her soon to be ex-bf, she can make him sound so funny and makes me laugh my heart out.

we were done walking and went back to her car,

''Uhh,, I'm so busy tonight, a lot to do, wanna come?'' she said

''ee akeed ma wray shay, 5al n5ale9 she'3lech'' I said

we drove away to el-surra, got a tray of wrag 3enab from a restaurant there, then went to elrotha got a cake from el5baz, we then went back to her home and handed the stuff to their maids, then drove off to get dinner,

''so where do you want to eat? I'm hungry'' she said

''uhh,, I'm craving falafel you up for it??'' I asked

''yea, why not, where is good falafel place?'' she said

''lets head back to elrotha, there is a good one next to the Co-Op'' I said

we went back to elrotha and lulu parked her car,

''In a second thought I want a shwarma you want 1?'' I asked her

''yummy, yea I want a chicken shwarma plz'' she said

I got off the car and went to Rest. got our sandwichs and got back to the car then she drove back to my home, I got in and found 3zooz in the 9allah

''ilsalam'' I said

''w3laykom, t3alay 7a6en masre7yat 6are8 el3ali'' he said

I sat with him we watched elmasra7eya and laughed so hard. I did not watch it as I wanted to change its 9;30 I have to get comfy.

I went to shoug room,

''I got you something, you hungry?'' I said

''do I ever say no?'' she said

I laughed and gave her the falafel sandwich.
I went back to my room, changed to something comfy and went back to my lablob, I signed in and this time yousef was not online, I was sad for a minute as I was thrilled to get online and talk with him, my friend Noora who just got back from the US, was online and Hesham my friend in college, I talked to Noora,

''hey you=p, shloonch? missed u ;$'' I said

''ahlaaiin Jood, bwarech something'' Nono said

''hala fech show me'' I said

she displayed pix of me and her edited by her

''oh those are awesome thnxx 7bebty 7abet'hom;*'' I said

''walaw ma sawet shay;*'' Nono said

Hesham went offline and Yousef came online, I felt a rush,

''welcomez'' I said

''shokran'' he said

''shlonk? sh5barek?'' I said

''tmam, el7emdlelah, entai shlonch?'' he said

''ana zaina, t3al enta chm 3omrek?'' I said

''25'' he said

''mashalla el3omer kella'' I said ''lesh ma tezawajt lel7en'' I continued with the investigation

''lol ma yani eln9eeb'' he said

''enta tro7 lah, mu ohwa eyelek=p'' I said

''la 7bebti, ana an5e6eb ma a56eb'' he said

''lol shme3na y3ni?'' I said

''kel shay zain fenni, lesh ma an5e6eb'' he said '' ma taben ra8m omi?'' he continued

''lol aham shay ana a56ebek =p ana twni 3nona (a)'' I said

''benni w bench 3 years'' he said

''ee bs ana 3nona, w b3den enta elly ta56ebny ana old fashion amshey 3la el4adat w elta8aled'' I said

''old fashion w tesm3en Britney Spears ma ynfa3'' he said

''ee Britney Spears el8adema, allah yredha, mu elydeeda'' I said

''y3ni Britney kant t'3aney ayam 3aysha elmar6a?'' he said sarcastically

''la2, bs mn sennat 98 ehya t'3aney yom kan 3omri 10years old'' I said ''al7en 9art 3yoz='('' I continued

''9art 3yooz w 9art lesbian'' he said

''la2 she has a bf'' I said defending her sharaf obviously lool

''bs she kissed maddona once'' he said

''ee ... I'm feeling sleepy, tamer 3la shay gabel ma amshey?'' I said

''ma taben ra8m omii?'' he made fun of me again

''lool, good night'' I said

''good night and sweet dreams'' he said

I went back to my bed laughing at Yousef jokes, he is so funny, when before I thought he is very serious and ma95 w ma ya36ey wayh, turned out there is a lot to know about him, I now enjoy going online just to talk with him.

I had my phone on vibrating and slipped it under my pillow as I did not want the bbm gang annoy me while I'm asleep, they were talking though and I ignored all and fell in deep sleep.

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