Sunday, 14 November 2010

Part Eight;; Deny, Accept and Move With it

''Mno?'' I said

''ana 3zooz, 9ar ley sa3a a6eg 3leech elbab oo daget lamn gelt bs, yalla badlay bnro7 7g omi'' he said

''oh, sorry kent 7a6eta 9amt, yalla al7en abadel'' I said

I got up washed my face and got a rolling stone shirt with a jeans and got out of my room they were waiting for me, we left to the hospital.

Got there and uncle Faisal was there as well, he just arrived as we did and got a bag with him as I assume those are mom medications, Rataj my cousin was with him we got in the hospital and exchanged formalities I hugged Rataj so much as she had tears in her eyes more than me that moment, I did not want to cry and I felt a little cold and still in denial, I felt like I'm still in a bad dream and I'm gonna wake up any minute.

Uncle Faisal approached the reception and asked about patient Muneera Al.M, they gave him the room number, and he asked about doctor Jassim he need to discuss with him my mom condition and take her papers and give it to doctor 9ala7 whom my uncle knows and then he would take care of everything, uncle then told us which room she is and excused himself to go to the doctor, and we left to see her.

we got to moms room (with flowers and chocolate of course), mom was up but looked very tired, we approached and said,

''elsalam'' everybody said

''w 3laykom elsalam'' mom said

I could not hold my tears inside anymore they rolled down on my face, mom saw me and said,

''t3alay Jood bnytay, t3alay blemch 7bebty''

I hugged her and kept on crying on her shoulder, she was trying to make me feel better but nothing could stop me my sisters came closer crying too my cuzin Rataj was crying as well as she is very sensitive 3zooz was standing

''mama bg3ad 3ndch elyom, mabi aro7 elbait, wla mu shay bdonch'' I said

''ee namay 3ndy 7bebty, fgadtkom wallah g3dt ma ashof ro7y ella bel mustashfa zain yetaw g3daw 3ndy'' she said

uncle Faisal came with the doctor

''elsalam 3leekom e5ty shloonch al7en? bashreny enshalla 7assa a7san?'' uncle said

''el7emdlelah bs lel7en t3bana'' she said

''enshalla mako ella el3afya, 5ra3tena 3leech w 6ela3tay 3yara'' uncle said and giggled

''mako ella kel 5aiir'' he continued

he talked to the doctor and us explaining the condition to us and what is gonna happen in the next coming days

''ana abbi ag3ad m3aha elyom 5aley bnam 3ndaha'' I said

''ana b3d bg3ad bnam 3ndaha mabi ared elbaiit'' Malak said

''ana b3d ma y9eer t5aloni bro7y'' Shoug said

''lazzim w7da mnkom 3la a8al tred m3ay elbaiit 3shan nzaheb laha mlabes w tjabel elbaiit shwaya, adri kelkom tabon tg3edon 7tta ana bs ma y9eer'' 3zooz said

''9a7 klam 3ziiz oo b3den Jood 7bebty entaii enshalla btsafren m3aha w btg3den m3aha fa shrayech t5alenhom w treden elbaiit el-lail tzahben awrag omich jwazha w a'3rath'hom w a'3rathech entaii b3d 3shan nwadi awragha bara'' uncle said

''3adel oki 3yal ana ared elyom m3ak 3zooz azaheb kel shay'' I said

we stayed with mom until midnight then uncle Faisal left with Rataj, and I with 3zooz said bye to mom and left back home

As soon as I got home I went to moms little locker where she keeps our valuable things and passports I got them ready next to some papers uncle asked for, I then got mom a bag of clothes and stuff she might need, and got to my room got my suite case ready with things I might need and while I'm in such a mess I felt like I forgot about something, I layed down on bed started thinking and bang I remembered I've forgot all about Yousef I have not talked with him for such a long time, I went online from my BB, he was not there, I layed back in bed thinking Dammit then went in deep sleep.

I woke up on my phone ringing, I picked it up to check who's calling took sometime to open my eyes, it was uncle Faisal,

''elsalam 3leekom'' I said

''w 3laykom elsalam shloonch Jood? sh5barech?'' uncle said

''el7emdlelah b5aiir, ana zahabt kel shay taby w zahabt jan6ety ana weya omi w kel shay ne7taja'' I said

''zain sawatay ana shway w amorkom a5eth mench kel shay 3shan n5ale9 kel shay w enshalla 5lal chum yom kel shay zaheb w nro7'' uncle said

''enshalla'' I said

It was 2;14pm I got up washed my face and wore a jeans with a my bagy shirt and lifted my hair up in a loose bun, got my lablob back to my room I signed in no one online as usual I played some music as I was putting on some make up and checking if I got everything ready I played Gavin DeGraw - Belief in the iTunes.

Uncle arrived shortly I switched my lablob off and got out the stuff all out of home with uncle help and got them in his car.
I got online from my BB and BC'ed in my bbm about moms condition asking for my friends prays, and told them all about me leaving to the US pretty soon and I will stay for a month or so with mom until she gets better and we come back then.

We got to the hospital I went start to moms room saw my sisters and mom sleeping I got in a chair waiting for my uncle who went to the doctor.
@ 4;14pm Yousef signed in,

''elsalam'' he said

''w 3laykom elsalam'' I said

''shlonch?'' he said

''tmam zaina'' I said

''wench ams? ma kan lech 7ess kelsh, fech shay?'' he said apparently he was worried

''omi bel mostashfa'' I said and my tears started running again

''shfeeha? 3ssa ma shar?'' he said

''she had a stroke awal ams and now ehya bel mostashfa until her papers get ready oo tsafer america to get better treatment'' I said

''el7emdlelah 3la kel 7al ma tshof shar tgoom bel salama enshalla'' he said

''allah ysalmek, ana ra7 asafer m3aha'' I said

''9ejj? mako a7d '3eerch yro7? fe a7d bro7 m3akom?'' he said

''ana ra7 akon murafe8 m3aha oo ymkn 5aley eyii'' I said

''tro7en w treden bel salama 7yaatti la tethaygen 3omrech'' he said

''allah ysalmek, I can't help but cry and I haven't ate anything for todays and I can't get hungry'' I said

''7ram 3leech Jood 7bebty ma y9eer tsawen chethe b3omrch 9ejj ena omich t3bana w shay ythayeg el5elg bs mu me3nata tahmlen nafsech mu zain, entai ma taben t6e7en m3aha'' he said

''mu beddii wallah, ma 3ndy shaheya mu leya, w t3abt w ana a7aty w abchey'' I said

''bs lazzim tehtamen eb nafsech eklelch shay bs 3shan la t6e7en 3la a8al kakaw wla shay'' he said

''enshalla I will'' I said

''ra7 tashbeken mn ehnak'' he said

''ee enshalla ra7 a5th my phone m3ay oo a7awel a5aley shabek 3la 6ool'' I said

''ee ashwa, ra7 ashtaglech wayyd 9ra7a'' he said

I felt my heart came from a long trip, missed me so much and just started beating again like it was trying to explain how much its happy to come back home

''ana b3d ;$$'' I said and smiled

''allah y5alech ley enshalla'' he said

''enshalla ;$$'' I said

''Jood bgolech shay'' Yousef said

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