Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hazel Eyes

The Skull You have isn't the same way it was before
Your hazel eyes, are not so hazel anymore
Standing but dead on the floor
And now you can hear me
But now you can't see me
Last thing you heard was take care
Cause the day came and I'm not there
I've never felt your heart
I've never thought You are so smart
I've never looked deep in your eyes
I've never really apologized
It was stupid to sell your soul
It was easy to give up all
It was unforgettable what you've done
It was pleasing what you've become

I Want You

Let Start Again
Play This Stupid Game
I don't wanna win or lose
I'm Just too Confused
I wanna go insane
Its bitter sweet
We're different
Even when we're the same
I forgot the pain
I came clean
No Heartaches
No stops No breaks
Talkin about keepin U 4 Me
Tryin To make You See
Lookin in Your eyes
Its full of goodbyes
Struggled to make you stay
And further you go away

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I’m stripped down

As fear could not dress me

I’m already awake

As night could not kill me

Seems its easier to bleed

Than to heal the pain

Seems its easier to run

Than to be saved

I’m a stranger

As no one could attach me

I’m predictable

As my life ruled by the typical

What about my story

Time is a waste of my glory

Pretending to disappear

But I can’t hide behind air

I’m a very convincing liar

I fooled my heart more than I desire

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


We say it only words and it easily to be ignored but sometimes this idea about words are wrong, words can be sharper than a knife, it can be used and adjusted to hurt others and leave them with damaged broken self-esteem, plus angry mad raged feelings which could quickly lead them to almost kill more than a person.

People can be good by shutting up, but they still can shout and be very right. Not all wounds are healable, some can get fixed from the very beginning, some take time until it fully recovered and there is a lot that can’t ever get fixed.

Shes Addicted

She was so blue, tears were burning her up, she let wrong thoughts to take control. Sleepless nights, a day comes with cigarettes in her hand.

Because of her beautiful spirit, because of her strong desire to taste life and because she is always blue, she took a pack of cigarettes with a lighter to try forbidden game but it was under her nose, bad habit to get addicted on. She loved the rush of having smoke dancing between her lips, and flying away as she blow, she hated the smell of it and how it captivate her from having a breath, but couldn't lose her passion for cigarettes.

The reason why is simply because it have a similarity to herself. Cigarettes remind her of herself, keep her updated with the fact that she is burning and fading down, and for once she felt she is surrounded by the brutal reality. All the past pain was for her a part of a scary nightmare, but this explain for her what she is doing right or wrong. She knows she have been addicted to mistakes lately, however she have the right to make a lot of mistakes. She could fall or push herself to deadly holes in entrusted ground; however she is not afraid of something she had choked it in her hand, tied between her fingers. It's for her another toxic poison she is giving herself a treat with another shoot as she is taking from life.

Fear is not an element in smoking to her. She is afraid people would not understand her and for some reason nobody will love her, she keeps trying being only herself, it works but then people just change and things go back to the base. She feels bad because she love to make others feel good and happy, somehow when people leaves after watching the same acts from anyone we give ourselves a very harsh blame as she have done and for nothing.

She love to be kissed, and kept kissing her cigarettes, played with it smoke, some gets in and make her choke, and some she blow. She loved to watch the smoke fly in the air in sexy dancing moves. She absolutely hated cigarettes because of it effect on her health also her look and how it could easily destroy her, lock her inside death box and become a faster ticking bomb, still something always tempt her for more, its the happy free smoke that always comes with the burned cigarettes, like a lady teaching her to dance, not that she is a lesbian, she just sees what guys use to cheat on their girls and why they are so fantasized about, and how its not easy for them to quiet because its the only beautiful affair their girls agree on.


We chose to define the stitches which hold life image load and clear, it’s a kind of a way to get satisfaction. We look for any way to get an explanation for everything. Mostly we sail too deep and look at the smallest things that seems to have everything when it just far enough to not be counted down as a definition.

Things that need to be stuck in our minds are the things we don’t give attention to, things are too close we taste and touch but deny it, when these things could be the truth and the definition we are seeking for, however we still walk away because it didn’t kill us to find the truth. The truth is nothing impossible it just the things that unbelievable.

We keep looking up when the heavy things are down. We always say the right things and advice the right tips when it good to listen to our advises. One of the things we never do is we never check our flaws but we are a very recommended detectives when it comes to check other people imperfections. We are very curious to know what mistakes other people make and we fall to bigger mistakes. We demand perfection from everyone and everything when we can’t be perfect.

Mr. Michael Class

Pretending to like the people around me is a career of acting, which means I’m kind of an actress. Time runs too fast when fun starts and some how when I’m captivated in Mr. Michael class time does not even run, it walks a bit then stops, and then it decides to walk again but then again it stops. Anyways, when class starts most of Mr. Michael words are used to define ACK rules and our own instructor rules, which I hate so much it makes me feel I want to throw something at him because he talks too much and that’s not fun at all. I prefer working on activities on hearing a lecture about references and how to use them, well the reason why is pretty clear I’ve been working on stupid things like these the moment I walked in ACK classes, I don’t need to hear a referencing lecture when I’m graduating.

He Said

He said you changed
And I can't spell Your mistakes
you should be ashamed
And love is not very brave
How could I go again
Nothing was worth to stay the same
I could not go on half dead
All the happy days, I dreamt
What was the use
You get to the game and lose
What do you want to choose
And You can't give death as an excuse
If I had to go and leave
How much change will it be
Would you ever think of me
Or burn everything smells like me


It seems like life is a pleasure road and it only can create happiness. We think sometimes that pain and misery are features of this life, But as I found out we are very mistaken.
We have everything that could accomplish happiness but a lot of times we chose the pain,
Its not that we don't enjoy happiness, but as human beens we also tend to enjoy pain from time to time because pain can bring back happiness again.
We are not crazy and surely not insane, But a small part of us say YES I wanna cry, and crying is helpful.
Pain is not always welcomed but when it needed it always there. Also what hurt us the most is not the pain itself, its the time it takes til it healed ..

Im Sorry

I'm sorry that I grew up way too fast
I'm sorry that loving you is part of my past
I'm sorry that I always get home late
I'm sorry that my only wish is to die or faint
I'm sorry you don't love me and I'm to blame
But could sorry stop my pain
I'm sorry you don't listen if i talked
I'm sorry if I got enough and walked
I'm sorry tomorrow I'll be in my grave
I'm sorry if I killed myself and no one can save


We spend a life time wondering who to trust and who to throw in our black list and block forever. In this while, we give trust to some by look mainly because in our superficial society defines personality by looks. People who worth trust are really rare and thats a fact was born long time ago, anyway we don't believe in scripts other people wrote about what they saw in their lives. We trust either too many or too little, and sometimes we lose trust to so many including ourselves . In each case its very much wrong. Its wise to make people trust you a lot but don't trust too many. Family shouldn't always be trust worthy, Friends and enemies are sometimes very close we get fooled by both, its hard to identify which is which.


Secrets are not always protected and hided by fences, they are more than just words, and sometimes we expose them more to hide them. Its ironic how we think we see everything when the truth we are blinds so much we can't look at something close enough to our eyes it could scream. secrets are everywhere, its funny how we keep calling them secrets while these things are clear as the sun, but we are the genius people who keep trying to figure them out.