Friday, 29 October 2010

Ice Age

Suddenly being shocked is not so shocking anymore, the element of the surprise died and the impossible is the regular now. Time is freezing down as everything seems to be slowing down and moving in slow motion, and having lots of stops and pauses.

To Think outside the box now is not so unique, also being different is a similarity. The news are oldies, the updates are past tense and moving forward is more like going back. Exposing is a boring old fashion bed time story, as stories are already told and well known by everybody.

The best is the worse and vise versa. How did we get to here? Things were too fast we did not see the stop sign and did not know that this journey would ever know a stop, however there is a solution for this and soon there will be a meltdown as there is for everything, and because we went beyond the impossible there is nothing we know called hard or difficult so we can go through this and fix it as we meant to be here to build, destroy and restructure everything not perfectly but better base and more new features, not flawless but its a progress.

We should go back to the time when things were just normal, fast and exciting, and restore the thrill of surviving daily actions wither its against the typical or the law. We can use those to shock us back to life and make this ship of lost hopes and dreams sail again wondering when will it sink or when will we get to the shore and getting to a new destination with new destiny.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Limits, Time To Set Some,

Limits are boundaries, mostly sat to keep people from interfering our spaces or lives. Privacy is something we don't give up no matter what, it get identified by the limits we set. We like to have a little space to ourselves without the noise of anyone else, from time to time we use it when we need it, to have that space there is should be walls sat way before, which are built by rules those should don't get destroyed by outsiders. These walls makes people create respect for you or just simply avoid you if you had lots of them cause very few that would like to climb those walls, so your limits have to be sat carefully without hurting anyones feelings. Limits as everything else changes and grow, those might break down or get even higher. Our boundaries are not the same toward people we know, it depends on the closeness between people we adore or not, and there is those few whom already broke all the boundaries and get a lot closer than ourselves. For me, my limits were very basic, and was please to have lots of close friends, who I know would be there for me and I'd be there for them. Mom always told me trust is not for everyone, and GaGa said "Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if its broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fuckers reflection." and thats true, its time to check out some members of my bffs list, and set the limits, I'm growing up.

I'm Not 17

I am done believing in stupid dreams, I am done being a drama queen, now I don't complain unless its really bothering me, yes I look so much younger than what I really am, but don't judge a book by its cover. I like to have fun, talk loud or low, I walk as a girl, a lady and a woman, I happen to talk like one too. I love shopping, driving and dancing. I've changed, all grown up, I know who I am, I may have not been acting like myself lately, but I'm me, pretty, outgoing, hot sexy, awesome personality and really nice kind person. I love life cause its full of possibilities, and I love my friends, I love to go crazy with them and enjoy everything we do. I take responsibilities of my actions and I try to fix things that I do wrong. I can't stop doing mistakes, but thats what we all do, don't we?, I mean I am a sinner, but I do it because I do it, I can't be judged for having fun my way, plus I can't be judged for things I can or cannot do, or if things I failed to fix, so what? whats the big deal? why to care pretty much about things thats unfix-able or what people really think. Yes sometimes I get out of line and I always get what I want, when I want it and thats how I live. But I apologize if I hurt anyone, I always try making people happier than what they really are. Once again I'm not 17 anymore, I'm more mature and if you can't see it I can't help you open your eyes.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

School is Cool

Its a place with a large group of people whom were meant to be there to get well educated about lots of things written in books and examined by those books, but what we've noticed as former students that school has one more extra subject forced by the nature of the place to be studied as well, in fact we become very educated in that better than any other subject and thats is socializing. See school is complex or building we are meant to meet lots of people there and in the early years of school those are the best years to start socializing and making a number of people you have known by studying chance as your friends, and as more you group or less have years in between the better. I've been told that real friends come before college and that after entering college people who wanna become your friends are just doing that to take advantage of you, at first I did not care about that information much until I experienced it by myself. I have been socializing all my life since I was a kid, I had something that attracted people to talk to me. In junior high I had difficulty maintaining that thing, which as a result I did not have so much friends at that point.
In high school I made a nation of friends, which latterly was awesome cause they still remember me and still my friends.
In college I had the best couple and a half years ever, it was so much fun and really exciting I would do it again if I could. I had friends from lots of places and states. When college days were gone so is my friends who I got to know in college but I was left with one true friend, the rest found a way to easily forget me. I was seriously shocked that what people said was so true cause ironical that one true friend was a friend of a friend in high school.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

One Sheet Of My Life Big Book

I’m romantic as the sun raise up when the moon fades down. I’m brutal I don’t deserve sympathy. I’m mean and mad more than you can wish to be. I don’t revenge my pain, I make people gain their fair share. I’m just sad of up coming past and I can’t go back. I’m not into screams but I love my tears to shout. I’m a mystery, more like a queen barred in a castle not ever seen. I control hearts beats when I come or leave like silly games, stupid? Am I? or do I fool you by words not clear. You may think you are more innocent than me, But people always miss judge me, And you are no different. You are an ordinary book I hated to read, still I wrote above each word of you a mistake of mine. You are blind and I let you lead me, you pushed me away and destroyed yourself. Continued living your stupid life without me because you thought you could be able to see. And I’m the one who feels curious to know more in your topic.

Monday, 11 October 2010

I Wasted September

Its not like I made use of other months or even the whole summer, cause pretty much lately all my time been a waste. I can't remember what happened in September, it flew away without telling me, vanished easily and I wish suiciding me was that easy. July was a fest of activities, august we fasted, and September did not hold a picture of me, was I hurt? Angry? Lovely? Pleasing? or even lost as usually I am, I guess I was lost, nothing explains wasting something without intending, other than being lost. Where was I lost? What made me lost? those are the questions, and thinking much won't bring my September back.
Its a history now, part of the past, can't bring anything back and re-fix what reality already fixed, thats not what I'm fearing to lose the chance of, I'm afraid that maybe I would have more wasted Septembers, or August, November, June then I might even forget how to place them.
I must keep track of time, so it won't waste me as I wasted it.

Friday, 8 October 2010


The wisest advice you ever got was suppose to be a lie, to use you is to confuse you.

People most of the time can't make decisions easily, and get corrupted between what they want and what they actually need, simply they can't differentiate them.
They at times can't tell whats right and whats wrong and lots of times they need a motive to push them get what they really need not what they want, in the same time let face it in this world of greed its hard to find people with very good manners and respectful, however there is a lot we get advices from and most of the time they give it for free. We believe they are only talking for our own good but what we don't see is why do they do that? and what do they get for it?. Hypocrisy is the key, it starts with a fake smile, true facts and the magic begins, they make you work for their satisfaction, conceiving you with delusions that you will get the best of it, if you really thought about it you would get what I mean.

For example let say you are choosing a college to study business and ask for any suggestions of the closest people to you whom would be your parents and best friends. Your mother will advice you to go to the college near by so you won't leave home much, father would chose the one further away so you won't bother him with money problems and other similarity issues, while your friends prefer some college cross the seas to catch freedom and fun, and thats explains how everyone love to get advantage of others. Its not just college its life if you don't eat them they'll eat you, complicated confusion for the use.