Friday, 8 October 2010


The wisest advice you ever got was suppose to be a lie, to use you is to confuse you.

People most of the time can't make decisions easily, and get corrupted between what they want and what they actually need, simply they can't differentiate them.
They at times can't tell whats right and whats wrong and lots of times they need a motive to push them get what they really need not what they want, in the same time let face it in this world of greed its hard to find people with very good manners and respectful, however there is a lot we get advices from and most of the time they give it for free. We believe they are only talking for our own good but what we don't see is why do they do that? and what do they get for it?. Hypocrisy is the key, it starts with a fake smile, true facts and the magic begins, they make you work for their satisfaction, conceiving you with delusions that you will get the best of it, if you really thought about it you would get what I mean.

For example let say you are choosing a college to study business and ask for any suggestions of the closest people to you whom would be your parents and best friends. Your mother will advice you to go to the college near by so you won't leave home much, father would chose the one further away so you won't bother him with money problems and other similarity issues, while your friends prefer some college cross the seas to catch freedom and fun, and thats explains how everyone love to get advantage of others. Its not just college its life if you don't eat them they'll eat you, complicated confusion for the use.

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