Tuesday, 12 October 2010

One Sheet Of My Life Big Book

I’m romantic as the sun raise up when the moon fades down. I’m brutal I don’t deserve sympathy. I’m mean and mad more than you can wish to be. I don’t revenge my pain, I make people gain their fair share. I’m just sad of up coming past and I can’t go back. I’m not into screams but I love my tears to shout. I’m a mystery, more like a queen barred in a castle not ever seen. I control hearts beats when I come or leave like silly games, stupid? Am I? or do I fool you by words not clear. You may think you are more innocent than me, But people always miss judge me, And you are no different. You are an ordinary book I hated to read, still I wrote above each word of you a mistake of mine. You are blind and I let you lead me, you pushed me away and destroyed yourself. Continued living your stupid life without me because you thought you could be able to see. And I’m the one who feels curious to know more in your topic.

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