Wednesday, 13 October 2010

School is Cool

Its a place with a large group of people whom were meant to be there to get well educated about lots of things written in books and examined by those books, but what we've noticed as former students that school has one more extra subject forced by the nature of the place to be studied as well, in fact we become very educated in that better than any other subject and thats is socializing. See school is complex or building we are meant to meet lots of people there and in the early years of school those are the best years to start socializing and making a number of people you have known by studying chance as your friends, and as more you group or less have years in between the better. I've been told that real friends come before college and that after entering college people who wanna become your friends are just doing that to take advantage of you, at first I did not care about that information much until I experienced it by myself. I have been socializing all my life since I was a kid, I had something that attracted people to talk to me. In junior high I had difficulty maintaining that thing, which as a result I did not have so much friends at that point.
In high school I made a nation of friends, which latterly was awesome cause they still remember me and still my friends.
In college I had the best couple and a half years ever, it was so much fun and really exciting I would do it again if I could. I had friends from lots of places and states. When college days were gone so is my friends who I got to know in college but I was left with one true friend, the rest found a way to easily forget me. I was seriously shocked that what people said was so true cause ironical that one true friend was a friend of a friend in high school.


  1. I kinda don't know if I agree with this or not. I mean, I'm gonna show you a very different point of view..
    I've been socializing a lot myself either..I've been friends with nearly the entire high school..and I still am in high school, and I do still have 4 best friends that I can't neither want to give in to, but the thing is, I'm not yet sure those friends are gonna stick with me forever, or to be clearer, am I gonna want to stick with them?
    To me, my best friends who i'm sure about, and sure they're gonna stick to me forever no matter what I've done, no matter how distances sat us sisters are the only friends I trust the most.

  2. I agree with you and thats a good thing to trust only your sisters, but I was explaining an experience yet the world will surprise you soon if you observed what will happen next ;D