Monday, 11 October 2010

I Wasted September

Its not like I made use of other months or even the whole summer, cause pretty much lately all my time been a waste. I can't remember what happened in September, it flew away without telling me, vanished easily and I wish suiciding me was that easy. July was a fest of activities, august we fasted, and September did not hold a picture of me, was I hurt? Angry? Lovely? Pleasing? or even lost as usually I am, I guess I was lost, nothing explains wasting something without intending, other than being lost. Where was I lost? What made me lost? those are the questions, and thinking much won't bring my September back.
Its a history now, part of the past, can't bring anything back and re-fix what reality already fixed, thats not what I'm fearing to lose the chance of, I'm afraid that maybe I would have more wasted Septembers, or August, November, June then I might even forget how to place them.
I must keep track of time, so it won't waste me as I wasted it.


  1. Summer, my hugest fights come in that time. :P
    Dude, I think summer is just for fun. If you enjoyed wasting September, then it wasn't wasted. Getting out of September with a good thing wasn't meant to be, because September is during the summer vacation. :P :D

  2. yea lool exactly but the thing is I cant remember what I've done in september =P