Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I'm Not 17

I am done believing in stupid dreams, I am done being a drama queen, now I don't complain unless its really bothering me, yes I look so much younger than what I really am, but don't judge a book by its cover. I like to have fun, talk loud or low, I walk as a girl, a lady and a woman, I happen to talk like one too. I love shopping, driving and dancing. I've changed, all grown up, I know who I am, I may have not been acting like myself lately, but I'm me, pretty, outgoing, hot sexy, awesome personality and really nice kind person. I love life cause its full of possibilities, and I love my friends, I love to go crazy with them and enjoy everything we do. I take responsibilities of my actions and I try to fix things that I do wrong. I can't stop doing mistakes, but thats what we all do, don't we?, I mean I am a sinner, but I do it because I do it, I can't be judged for having fun my way, plus I can't be judged for things I can or cannot do, or if things I failed to fix, so what? whats the big deal? why to care pretty much about things thats unfix-able or what people really think. Yes sometimes I get out of line and I always get what I want, when I want it and thats how I live. But I apologize if I hurt anyone, I always try making people happier than what they really are. Once again I'm not 17 anymore, I'm more mature and if you can't see it I can't help you open your eyes.

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