Saturday, 4 December 2010

Part Sixteen;; So Complicated! Uh, I Don't Need This Now!

6alool hugged me really close to his chest and I kept hearing his heart beat,

''look I know you are very scared right now, cause your uncle is gone, your mom is very sick and you are on your on while you never been like this before, I'll be here with you no matter what you can count me I swear I'll be there, cause I know how it feels to be so alone in a foreign country, I'm gonna stay with you tonight'' he said

my tears were rolling down my face, then I moved away and tried to wipe some of my tears,

''thanks 6alool this really means a lot to me, and yea I'm very scared, and you've been a really comfort to me lately'' I said

''oki 5la9 stop crying please, 7adda ma agder ashof someone crying, so cut it la agare9 5doodch hehe'' he said while g3d ygare9 5doodi

''oki, can we ndesh da5el 3la a8al'' I said

''yalla 7ajeya, btw yayba m3ach jackets oo these stuff, umbrella too l2na b6eg mu6ar b3d shway oo its getting cold'' he said, while we were walking in the hospitals

''ee I got some pullovers, but no umbrella'' I said

''we gotta take you shopping soon'' he said

''a5eehh shopping thats heaven'' I said

''agool emshay emshay b3den te7alemay'' he said

''ee ekser fenni'' I said

''ee entaw elbnat ma tn3a6oon wayh, dala3 w mala8a'' he said

''y3ni entaw elly tn3a6on wayh?'' I said

''ee shofay sh7latny kash5a w thegel'' he said, and I giggled mocking him

we arrived to mom room she was asleep as usual so me and 6alool sat on the couch watching T.V.

''I want some skittles, I'm gonna get some from the snacks machine wants something?'' I said

''no, I'll come with you I might find a redbull or something'' he said

we went out of the room searching for the snack machine, we found 2 one is a drinks machine, the other 1 is snacks, I got out a skittles, and 6alool bought a soda,

''so how is this girl you love have you been talking with her lately?'' I asked

''uh, well we broke up'' he said

''what? why? I thought you guys were very special'' I said

''apparently I'm not being good to her, so she dumped me'' he said

''oh, I'm sorry,'' I said

''its, alright, allah ywafegha enshalla telga elly a7san meni, I've been away for a long while she should live her life instead of waiting'' he said

''yes, 9a7 thats a good point'' I said

we were walking back while he was drinking his soda, and I'm having my skittles, we got to the room, and mom just got awake, I went toward her and and helped her get up straight, and kissed her forehead

''taw ma nawerat el'3orfa'' I said

''ee wallah 5altey zain g3dtay, shlonch al7en enshalla a7san'' 6alool said

''halla yoma halla fekom zain ytaw g3daw m3ay, 9ejj eny kela t3bana w nayma bs ashofkom shwaya a6aman 3leekom'' she said

''7yaatti yoma e7na b5aiir etha entaii b5aiir, ma galech el6abeeb metta el3amaleya?'' I asked her

''la wallah, bs yaw sawoli fo7o9at nafs kel mara w 3a6oni elmedication w bs, entaii wench elyom?'' she said

''ana yeet b3d ma ga6et 5aley elma6ar wla entaii w nemt yamch shway b3den, dag 3lay 6alool 6al3ny re7na nt'3ada'' I said, not mentioning the other friends part, so I don't get killed or sent back to kuwait

''ee 3leekom bel 3afya, wen te'3adetaw?'' she said

''ma63am greeb mn elmostashfa'' I said, and was shocked mom was not mad, guess the US changed her too

''ee 7elow, zain '3ayrtaw jaw, enshalla ana etha 5la9t 3maleya w 9ert a7san yabelna 6al3a jma3eya'' she said

''enshalla akeed 5alaty awadech a7la ma63am ehny, w nwadech tshofen eldeera sh7lat'ha '3eer 3n elkuwait'' he said

''ee enshalla bs entaii gomay bel salma'' I said and kissed her again

''kalatay shay yuma? taben taklen?'' I continued

''la el7emdlelah kaleet gabel la anam mara thanya, bs bgom aro7 el7mam w ared anam'' she said

me and 6alool helped mom gets out of her bed and go to the bathroom, when she finished we got her back to her bed to rest, she slept 3la 6ool b3d 3omri she was very exhausted,

''you wanna sleep or watch tv?'' 6alool said

''la2 5alna watch tv and eat my skittles,'' I said

I took a blanket and he did too and we stayed watching Alex and Emma, a romantic comedy movie it was amazing I loved the movie to be honest,

''6alool how its like to kiss? is it as magical is in the movies?'' I asked

''you never been kissed?'' he asked

''hehe, yes I'm a perfect virgin'' I said and giggled and felt shy at once

''y7lelch wallah, well its so amazing I love it, to me its art, I love to do wonders with it'' he said

''wow! I wanna try it I dreamed of it a lot'' I said

''I can teach you if you want'' he said

''what? that would be totally weird'' I said, feeling so I wanna do it but I don't want to, it was so confusing

''la shda3wa 5o bs b3almech, so yes wla no, tara its a life time opportunity, wayyd ytmanoon ykonon mukanech'' he said and flashing a smile I can't say no to

''well, oki'' I said nervous

''oki close your eyes, and gimme your hands'' he held my hands and sensed that I was shaking, ''oki relax I'm not gonna rap you'' he continued

''oki, its just ..'' I could not continue

he kissed me and he kept on doing it for a while, and suddenly stopped, and I opened my eyes, I looked at his eyes,

''well, you gonna say something?'' he said while looking back at me

''uh, I have to go'' I said, mumbling

''go? go where?'' he said

''bathroom, excuse me'' I said, got up and got in the bathroom

I washed my face and looked at myself I fixed my look I was looking like a mess I laughed a little, seriously did not know what to feel, I opened the door

''6alool?'' I said while standing by the bathroom door

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