Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Shes Addicted

She was so blue, tears were burning her up, she let wrong thoughts to take control. Sleepless nights, a day comes with cigarettes in her hand.

Because of her beautiful spirit, because of her strong desire to taste life and because she is always blue, she took a pack of cigarettes with a lighter to try forbidden game but it was under her nose, bad habit to get addicted on. She loved the rush of having smoke dancing between her lips, and flying away as she blow, she hated the smell of it and how it captivate her from having a breath, but couldn't lose her passion for cigarettes.

The reason why is simply because it have a similarity to herself. Cigarettes remind her of herself, keep her updated with the fact that she is burning and fading down, and for once she felt she is surrounded by the brutal reality. All the past pain was for her a part of a scary nightmare, but this explain for her what she is doing right or wrong. She knows she have been addicted to mistakes lately, however she have the right to make a lot of mistakes. She could fall or push herself to deadly holes in entrusted ground; however she is not afraid of something she had choked it in her hand, tied between her fingers. It's for her another toxic poison she is giving herself a treat with another shoot as she is taking from life.

Fear is not an element in smoking to her. She is afraid people would not understand her and for some reason nobody will love her, she keeps trying being only herself, it works but then people just change and things go back to the base. She feels bad because she love to make others feel good and happy, somehow when people leaves after watching the same acts from anyone we give ourselves a very harsh blame as she have done and for nothing.

She love to be kissed, and kept kissing her cigarettes, played with it smoke, some gets in and make her choke, and some she blow. She loved to watch the smoke fly in the air in sexy dancing moves. She absolutely hated cigarettes because of it effect on her health also her look and how it could easily destroy her, lock her inside death box and become a faster ticking bomb, still something always tempt her for more, its the happy free smoke that always comes with the burned cigarettes, like a lady teaching her to dance, not that she is a lesbian, she just sees what guys use to cheat on their girls and why they are so fantasized about, and how its not easy for them to quiet because its the only beautiful affair their girls agree on.

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