Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hazel Eyes

The Skull You have isn't the same way it was before
Your hazel eyes, are not so hazel anymore
Standing but dead on the floor
And now you can hear me
But now you can't see me
Last thing you heard was take care
Cause the day came and I'm not there
I've never felt your heart
I've never thought You are so smart
I've never looked deep in your eyes
I've never really apologized
It was stupid to sell your soul
It was easy to give up all
It was unforgettable what you've done
It was pleasing what you've become


  1. aaaaaw i didn't get it exactly but its sad :( i can feel it!! =p u wrote it? its amazing mashalla and all the other posts!! ur really gd mashalla keep it up :D

  2. thnxx yea i wrote it and its about my dad

    thnxx ;$$$