Tuesday, 27 July 2010


We chose to define the stitches which hold life image load and clear, it’s a kind of a way to get satisfaction. We look for any way to get an explanation for everything. Mostly we sail too deep and look at the smallest things that seems to have everything when it just far enough to not be counted down as a definition.

Things that need to be stuck in our minds are the things we don’t give attention to, things are too close we taste and touch but deny it, when these things could be the truth and the definition we are seeking for, however we still walk away because it didn’t kill us to find the truth. The truth is nothing impossible it just the things that unbelievable.

We keep looking up when the heavy things are down. We always say the right things and advice the right tips when it good to listen to our advises. One of the things we never do is we never check our flaws but we are a very recommended detectives when it comes to check other people imperfections. We are very curious to know what mistakes other people make and we fall to bigger mistakes. We demand perfection from everyone and everything when we can’t be perfect.

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