Thursday, 29 July 2010

I Want You

Let Start Again
Play This Stupid Game
I don't wanna win or lose
I'm Just too Confused
I wanna go insane
Its bitter sweet
We're different
Even when we're the same
I forgot the pain
I came clean
No Heartaches
No stops No breaks
Talkin about keepin U 4 Me
Tryin To make You See
Lookin in Your eyes
Its full of goodbyes
Struggled to make you stay
And further you go away


  1. 3ajeeebaaaa!!! (Y) ana mo 6ab3ee ajamel age6a blwayh ask my frnds about me ;p bs hathee 9j 3ajebaa i like!!

  2. waaaii fdeeetch ee g6eeha bel wayh i like honest ppl ;**
    thnnxx wallah men tho8ech ;**