Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Mr. Michael Class

Pretending to like the people around me is a career of acting, which means I’m kind of an actress. Time runs too fast when fun starts and some how when I’m captivated in Mr. Michael class time does not even run, it walks a bit then stops, and then it decides to walk again but then again it stops. Anyways, when class starts most of Mr. Michael words are used to define ACK rules and our own instructor rules, which I hate so much it makes me feel I want to throw something at him because he talks too much and that’s not fun at all. I prefer working on activities on hearing a lecture about references and how to use them, well the reason why is pretty clear I’ve been working on stupid things like these the moment I walked in ACK classes, I don’t need to hear a referencing lecture when I’m graduating.

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