Sunday, 17 July 2011

Someone Like You

Now I'm setting on the edge of our bed, feeling cold, scared, and tears are falling to top it all. He's on his side of the bed, smoking and watching the T.V., I hug myself and my arm hurts, I look and its bruised, red and purple, I've seen it before, yes I've been there before, and oh how much the pain feels the same. I close my eyes and I get slamed left and right, up and down by memories of a heartless bastered, a beast, someone rediclously weak to admit it all, I opened my eyes now and I cry more, surprisely I got his attention. He looks at me, I look right back at him, and I don't see a soul inside when I look at his eyes, those eyes are not the same, its reflecting evil somehow, and I feel like its the first time I know what he's thinking of, I feel like I understand now.
At this point I realize how powerless I am, At this time all I want is to get out and never return again, never come back, I'll never be the same again. He asked about my unstopping tears, I asked about his roughness, I gave my tears a confused reason, and he's reasons were more painful than the scare. There was no point of me staying, So he kicked me out and I refused to go out this weak, I Don't Wanna Leave now, I don't wanna be forced anymore. He just Don't want Me Anymore, why is it Too Hard For me To Understand, he kept yelling at me then the cold silence rushed in and stopped everything. Then I asked to leave and he walked me out, disgusted with me, like I'm the one who went wrong with it, I left.

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