Sunday, 12 June 2011

Keep On Falling

A fall is an end to what ever it is going on in our lives, and what comes after that is a new chapter, a new move toward new beginging. The end is never the finish line, the cause of that is if were motivited or not we will get pushed to another level by the circle of life. What not kills you may and may not get you stronger, in fact it has a big shot in breaking you down and destroying your courage much faster, but it also prove that you guranteed yourself a new chance, and new start in your life, as a signal to change, or build a new steps to follow in order to have a new picture of the future. It said in life you only got one chance to prove who you are, and you have the choice to be as good as an angel, or be the worst devil ever existed. But that just stupid, and it would be very sad to believe it and live it as a rule in life, cause to live is taking the risk of falling apart, and to fall apart you have to realize that its a wake up call to rewind. So take the fall but don't lose the grap of it all.

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