Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Fest

Give me a cup, let me drink some of your sorrow, and I'll feed you pieces of my misery, and yes we will have a fest. We'll wear black and grey dresses, you can also wear white if you gave up for the stray. Invite all the damaged souls, shattered minds and broken hearts, let them all embrace their lost wishes. Now take my hand and dance with me on the rhythm of screaming eyes dropping tears like its mid-winter, wet, cold, can and would knock you down. If I slip, let me enjoy the fear and the actual fall, let me take a bite and taste the bitterness it will make me feel like it should, power less although I had the strength to face it. Its easy to go far down to the darkness, but its hard to raise up and face the sun although its so clear, we just keep moving away and hiding from it. At last please collect yourselves from the lost and found area and shut the lights down before you leave the fest.