Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lonely Girl

A lonely girl definition is not identified properly, for a girl to live in loneliness is nothing like shes gonna be in a place which is completely empty, thats never the right description, she can never do captivation wither its by her or by force. That kinda girl is always with the crowed, she is very social, very opened and very in control, shes also very smart and amazingly lucky. Shes a master in fooling the world, she knows all the tricks and she like to flip heads. But the nickname lonely came from the smallest place she owns which is her heart. A place she loved to take care of by herself and don't allow untrusted people to interfere or get close to her heart, so they won't break or destroy it, however that place needs a mess from time to time to learn how to fix it again, or better yet a person who would make it stronger and treat it as his own.


  1. Very Nice Definition...Like Your Words..

  2. I love your image here..

  3. so sweet and lovely snap..i lyke it so much :)