Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Away 5

Aug, 11th 2010

The Only feeling I did not confess was that I knew You were here somewhere you only knew and the people you are with, but I could not get near you or feel you or even hear you. I tried to accept the fact that you are gone and I seriously wanted to believe that lie and fool myself but it was just too hard to swallow, it was huge and we both knew its a lie.

Day;; 5

You are back as assuming you were away from the first place, I tried to move on and go back to my long lost acting career and be a star actress. As you are the director of the play we are playing you gave me the leading role and focused at the behind the scenes, also counted me of an V.I.P audience, because this show was invented for me to be blinded with some lies. But you forgot what I told you before I'm smart and I would stalk you if I want to, but this time i let you get away and play as you want and hear who laugh at last.
Sorry if I did not like the show and walked out.

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